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The dress of discord: Meghan Markle unleashes pregnancy rumors

Since the delicate situation with Princess Diana of Wales, the British royal family has been a source of much controversy to this day. A couple of days ago, the Duchess of Sussex caused much to talk about when accompanying her husband, Prince Harry. Well, the truth is that the beautiful Meghan Markle was seen wearing a piece that gave a lot to talk about. Below, we reveal some details of the dress used by the new member of the royal family, while she was in a meeting at the Central Hall Westminster... Some believe she is pregnant!

1. The presence of the Duchess took place at an event commemorating the end of the First World War.

It is most beautiful that precisely in a celebration of the end of one of the bloodiest conflicts in the history of mankind, with the permission of its successor, the world begins to suspect the arrival of a new life in the world. But if the person who has the life in her womb is the Duchess of Sussex and the father is her husband, the son of Lady Di, the interest rises exponentially. It was for that reason that the press, who waits from one moment to another for the long-awaited news of a new member of the royal house, began to speculate when encountering a suspiciously bulging duchess.

2. At the party, the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War was celebrated.

To this event, which commemorates 100 years since the end of the Great War, some of the highest personalities of the current politics were invited, being of special interest the figures of the German and British leaders. In a previous event, held in 2014, the then president of Germany, Joachim Gauck, embraced with his French counterpart François Hollande. In the midst of long-awaited meetings, in this case with the celebration of the end of the war, all eyes were on this occasion in two of the most illustrious guests, the Dukes of Sussex. Everyone looks forward to a clear signal that takes a long time to reach for some.

3. The joviality and enthusiasm of Meghan were present, but also her controversial dress.

The figure of Meghan has managed to raise and divide the British society, as it has placed both in favor and against many of its citizens. Some see her as a clear successor to the always beloved Lady Di, with a very elegant style of dress, gestures of solidarity and an elegance typical of the highest demands of the British royal house. Unfortunately, nobody can please everyone, so some others simply see it as a person who has settled too quickly to the new range and new luxuries without contributing any positive value to the crown or to the British themselves. However, the good news threatens to unite all the people.

4. The piece of clothing was designed by Jason Wu, but this generated a lot of speculation.

Jason Wu, a Taiwanese nationalized Canadian but settled in New York, is a true new fashion genius who has stood out for having become the dressmaker and give character and charisma to former first lady Michelle Obama. It was for that reason that he raised great expectation when he heard that the young Meghan was going to repeat the same idea to be able to wear an elegant dress to measure. However, it seems that this occasion was not welcomed with the same elegance that was received by one who was considered one of the most influential women on the planet. Meghan just gave him a huge headache.

5. According to a large number of users, the Duchess chose this wardrobe to hide her bulging belly.

While it is true that during the first months it is relatively easy to hide the pregnancy belly, with the passage of time, if you want to keep it a secret, it is something much more complex. However, once the marriage is consummated, it is good news to be able to announce to the world; the arrival of a new member of the crown. Especially considering the affection felt by the British people for what was the favorite son of Princess Diana. Having been orphaned during his early adolescence was quickly adopted by all the British who gave him the greatest of their affections.

6. Criticisms and comments

The comments fell like rain from heaven. The following could be read frequently: "She seems pregnant", "she is pregnant for sure", "It seems like she is pregnant". The most repeated word was precisely the one that began to arouse suspicion. Would it be true that there would be a son on the way? And if so, why the need to hide it so mysterious? The rain of unknowns did not cease throughout the multiple photographs that populated social networks, each trying to argue a position that would give us a new son of British royalty to perpetuate the genes so precious to all English.

7. On the other hand, many of her fans said that the dress was a bad choice.

Although the young Meghan has a body millimeter care and always looks perfect, the fact is that the choice of a design so unflattering could have taken its toll. Without a defined shape, with effects that seemed to show curves that did not exist, the former actress has shown that not only is it necessary to have a perfect body but also know how to show it properly and combine it perfectly so that no outfit makes you look like someone in a state. However, it must be taken into account that, despite the regrets, she continues to show her usual line that mixes her elegance with her personal stamp and has made her again look like a reference figure.

8. It may not have been the same in social networks

Comments from: "what an ugly dress", until, "It does not seem pretty, even she cannot pull this dress off". She may like the blue color in its different shades, but it is not always such a great idea to wear it in the middle of the night, without many elements that correctly draw your body line. However, as she has always risked with any clothes, it seems that the designer must have thought twice before choosing that ceremony for her, because now surely never this will not go back to her closet, especially considering the amount of money that the young woman uses for their clothing.

9. The truth is that the dress reached up to the knee, a little shorter than normal dresses. She also had something tight!

On one hand, the dress touched the extreme of what was allowed for the royal costumes, very strict in terms of their protocol for women, and it was a very tight dress that left no room for space. To end the conflict, some of the areas were confused with their straight silhouette, giving rise to the imagination to create forms that did not attend to reality. Finally, a dress that was expensive in itself was much more when instead of showing elegance left open the possibility that she was pregnant. We know that this, in almost every part of the planet, is very frowned upon.

10. The Offspring

Since the royal marriage took place, millions of people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new member of British royalty. While it is true that their children are unlikely to get to hold the crown, leaving the new generations almost completely diluted by the rich nutrition of new heirs of the main line, they can never consider that possibility to be underestimated. Recall that the father of the current Queen of the United Kingdom, George VI of the United Kingdom, who despite being the second ended up inheriting the crown.

11. There is no official statement from royalty about the birth of a new member.

It is well known that the Royal House itself is the one that has the obligation to communicate in the first place new pregnancies and exceptional situations concerning each and every one of its members so that until they do not confirm everything will be conjecture. Of course, before this happened, it would be unlikely that the Duchess of Sussex herself would have time to hide a womb, because, by the time she did so, she should have already appeared in an official gazette. However, there are still those who want to learn through rumors before the official way.

12. According to some international media, dukes cannot be parents during the first year of marriage.

It seems that they should wait a while to make sure that the marriage would not be motivated by a previous pregnancy. However we are sure that both are wishing to have their offspring as soon as possible, and it may be the case that the always rebellious Prince Harry break the protocol to bring a new son or daughter to his personal palace. It will also be a joy for your grandmother, who again would see how a new smiley face is received when the little one plays in the impressive corridors of her centenary Buckingham Palace.

13. Since these are required to make their first Royal Tour. Amazing!

Actually the wait is not related to alleged attempts not to cause marriages due to unwanted pregnancies, but responds to the need to offer all the subjects of the British crown, which we remember not only focuses on the English islands, but encompass all the territories of the Commonwealth of Nations, with independent states as far apart as Australia or Canada. Many would gladly accept such a broad visit to so many destinations if they could also enjoy the comforts of a king, or more, in this case, that of a prince.

14. The date is already on the calendar and the beginning of the tour will take place in October.

We will have to wait until this is over to start thinking about future new great-grandchildren of the longest queen of the current monarchy. And we hope that we can get to see them born and grow up healthy and strong, as it has already happened with the sons of Princess Catherine and William among others. In particular, the focus is on the greatest of them, Prince Jorge, who presumably would be the one who would rule the crown of the Commonwealth of Nations once his great-grandmother, grandfather and father left their position. Hopefully, this will happen in many years, because the British nobles have a reputation for very long lives.

15. We have to wait a few more months to celebrate the arrival of the baby.

However, no matter how much the older ones are the most interesting for historians, the new members are the ones who are most expecting for the rest of the followers of British royalty, who look forward to the new possible acquisitions. We will have to wait then before we can meet again with another new-born, at least, until the famous trip ends and the dukes of Sussex get down to work.
Do you think the first one will be a boy or a girl? What would you like to see first?

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1. The presence of the Duchess took place at an event commemorating the end of the First World War.
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