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Princess Diana and the chilling conversation she had with a spiritualist

When we think of Princess Diana of Wales, the image of a charismatic woman with a big heart comes to mind. A while ago, a Japanese spiritist named Ryuho Okawa claimed to have spoken with the soul of Lady Di. The truth is that the statements of this individual seem to agree with reality, so at the beginning, Ryuho scared many of the fans. Next, we reveal some details of the conversation with the deceased princess that left many dismayed since Diana continues to occupy the hearts of millions of people…

1. About a year ago, a Japanese spiritual leader was supposed to communicate with the spirit of the late Diana of Wales. Or at least that's what Ryuho Okawa affirmed, that later he would translate it into a work that has become a true sales success. Then a question arises... Is it a pure commercial strategy to sell hundreds of copies on the supposed testimony of the deceased or does it present some truth? Next, we tell this story so that each of you can judge on their own.

Princess Diana and the chilling conversation she had with a spiritualist 1

2. According to Ryuho Okawa, the princess gave endless details about her life. In addition, it reopened many controversial topics that are no longer commonly spoken, although we all have a lot of interest in them. From her relationship with her husband, Prince Charles, to the fateful accident in which she tragically lost her life 21 years ago. The conversation of this medium does not present any censorship and since its publication has not left anyone indifferent. But who is Okawa?

Princess Diana and the chilling conversation she had with a spiritualist 2

3. It is important to say that the spiritual leader is a writer, lyricist, and music composer. In addition, he is known for being the founder of the "Happy Science" movement, which according to the foundations of this organization "is dedicated to bringing great happiness to all humanity." However, his company has been branded cult, comparing it with creeds such as Scientology or Jehovah's Witnesses. Admission to any of these groups involves the disbursement of large sums of money…

4. After the chilling experience, the spiritualist published a book under the name "Spiritual interview with Princess Diana" that can be purchased for about $ 7 on Amazon. In the description of the author that includes the work we can read: "For 30 years, Ryuho Okawa has handled interviews with the most influential spirits of all time. Some of them are Mother Teresa, Mohammed, Christ, Steve Jobs and the guardian of the spirit of Donald Trump. The objective of these works is to raise awareness about the richness of this universe."

5. According to an English medium, Okawa's book sold nearly 100 million copies around the world. In addition, we know that this author has created more than 450 along with interviews with spirits that dwell in other dimensions. However, we must point out that their practices do not present a verified scientific basis so that all their works and that which concerns us today could be just a montage. No one in the world had written anything similar before…

6. And because of its popularity and great demand, it was translated into 28 languages. The novel was undoubtedly one of the strangest tributes to Diana after last year marked the 20th anniversary of her death on August 31, 1997. Although the work did not automatically achieve worldwide sales success, throughout this time has gained more and more repercussion before the fanatics of Princess Lady Di. Is it an opportunist job or is it an honest attempt to heal the wounds of the past?

7. According to the author, Lady Di's conversation began with a "Good evening." Then he asked, "Are you Princess Diana?" And she answered: "Aha, yes" (in relation to this answer many deny that the deceased used such expressions.) Then "Diana" begins to say that it manifested thanks to the invitation from the International Division of Happy Science to talk with Okawa and the psychic companions, followed by a strange talk that was offered by Lady Di.

8. On the other hand, the Japanese pointed out that Diana once said that Kate Middleton, the wife of her eldest son, was a very nice person: "Catherine is very kind to me, I feel that way". Another question that the spiritual leader dared to ask was what she thought about her old mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II. "Oh, Elizabeth. I think she is a great mother. But she is the last, the only light left for England," said the ghost of Lady Di. If true, it would coincide with what many experts think.

9. Diana then began to express her predictions about the future of her nation, because Okawa questioned her about whether she saw her firstborn son, Prince William, as the leader of Great Britain. "I am afraid that England will experience another revolution. So, I cannot even imagine that the royal family will continue forever. My tragedy is a great turning point. There is no truth. There is no love. There is no loyalty. There are no obligations to follow, so it is much more different. That's why I prefer Islam."

10. But the interview took a 180 degree turn when the issue focused on another member of the British royal family. On one occasion, the spiritualist asked her if she forgave her husband. The response of Diana's spirit was the following: "No, definitely not ... No, no no ... I do not hate him, but I think he's a demon". Prince Charles made her suffer a lot until her last day, and therefore it seems that not even her ghost has forgotten his betrayal. But there did not end the statements of Lady Di.

11. About Charles, she also commented: "Authentic beauty comes from the mind and the heart. If it is simply something that attracts men, it is not real. Like my previous husband. At first, he loved me, but after marriage, I did not have a true feeling because for him; my beauty was an accessory for him. Then, he wanted to show me as a beautiful lady and wanted to be proud of the fact that a princess can get the beauty of the world."

12. Dialogue takes a very dark turn when Okawa questions Diana's spirit about claims that there was a conspiracy about her being murdered. "I'm not sure, but I felt an evil intention after disappearing. Maybe in the secret service or someone who wanted to take my own life after the divorce. Maybe it was Charles or a messenger of death... " Some very delicate statements that only confirm what many people thought about the impact she suffered when traveling in a car…

13. In the following lines, he began to talk about the final hours of her life. In the book, it reads: "You died in a car accident in Paris, 20 years ago already." Then Lady Di replies: "A car accident? Oh... " Later Okawa would say to her: "Yes. Do you remember the situation? If you remember, could you tell us more about this incident? " "There was an accident but they took me to the hospital. After that, I was sleeping while being alone," the princess of the town answered.

14. The physicist also had the opportunity to express her current state, of which she seemed not to be aware. He told her that she had died and now she was a ghost, but her reaction was to deny it. "I do not like ghosts. No no no. It is a dream. Only that. A bad dream. Of course, I have a grave in England, but I am not living there. I mean, the person who perished, her body, is there, but I am not, of course," the princess finished. Without a doubt, it is a support for her family.

15. There are many specialists who question the authenticity of the facts, but in the same way, Princess Diana of Wales remains in our hearts after 21 years of the unfortunate tragedy. Do you think this conversation of the Japanese expert medium has any validity?
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