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Photographs revealing the strange world around us

Every day in this world, strange things happen that surpass anyone's imagination. Take a look through the internet and realize that there may still be photos that exceed anyone's expectations, you could say that it happens almost every time. The photo gallery of today shows images in very diverse situations but which are extremely moving. From seeing the evolution of a pet to being aware of how the inclusion of new technologies can affect the human’s body. Don’t you believe it?

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 1

1. The result when polishing a meteorite is this crystal ball. A rather strange object that was largely formed due to friction on its arrival to Earth through the atmosphere. In a website, you can buy a sphere like the one we see in our first section for about $ 12,000. Each of its units is a magnificent sample of the amazing universe in which we live. Where could he come from? Do you have any unique property? Little do we know about this material…

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 2

2. This is what the Greenland shark looks like. Awesome creatures that feed on large animals such as polar bears. They are said to be the oldest vertebrates on Earth, as some of their specimens may be more than 400 years old. In addition, its interior is highly toxic, due to its high content of urea, a poisonous liquid. Living more than 2,000 meters under the icy waters of the northern hemisphere, the number is unknown…

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 3

3. The iron particles that were suspended in the air were attracted by this magnet. And there are magnets that can have a force of attraction greater than that of the natural magnetic field that the Earth possesses. The most powerful on the planet (we do not know in which category the instantaneous one belongs) has 100 Teslas, something like 2 million times the power of the field of our planet. To get to the idea, with such an element we could have 6 times the intensity to levitate a frog.

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 4

4. Turtle with albinism. This creature is so strange that only one copy is found in every 1 of hundreds of thousands of eggs laid on the beaches. In addition, we know that it is much more difficult for them to survive, due to its striking tone in its environment and the lack of melanin to resist the sun's rays. Knowing that normally 1 in every 1,000 eggs manages to become an adult turtle, we understand the reason why the experts have not seen many…

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 5

5. This is the skeleton of a snake. In particular, the image we are contemplating in this fifth point belongs to the bones of a King Cobra. This bone structure is very complex, presenting hundreds of joints to make it possible for these reptiles to be able to ingest large prey and adopt numerous positions. Although we are not afraid of snakes, the visualization of something like that makes us imagine a chilling centipede, worthy of a horror movie.

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 6

6. A tree rushed into the forest and 4 buds were born from its trunk. The snapshot that concerns us now shows us how wonderful and wise the nature of our planet is. Although this specimen seemed to have lost its life, it was an ideal support for its "children", who grew up from it. On the other hand, in turn, it has remained alive and to this day its wood has not rotted. One more lesson we can learn from the environment in which we were born. The determination to continue living.

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 7

7. After one year of service, the soles of a real guard's shoes ended. The Welsh Guards are one of the most important regiments of the British army, being one of the 5 who followed the orders of Queen Elizabeth II. His long hours of surveillance and parade in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle cause the soles of his shoes to wear out in this way. A surprising vision of weary after several months of hard work…

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 8

8. A finger with circulatory failure due to overuse of the yo-yo. The great masters who have practiced for thousands of hours with this instrument may develop a deterioration in the vascular tissue of the index finger. This pathology is called ischemia, and it can appear when a part of our body (more easily in one of the fingers or toes) does not get enough blood due to contusion or prolonged cell stress. If you are fond of this game, be careful.

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 9

9. Although it looks like a worm is a Mexican mole lizard. This fun creature measures an average of 9 inches and lives in areas of Baja California. Also known as the five-finger axolotl, and lives in wet and muddy areas. It feeds mainly on small insects such as termites or ants. They usually have a life of 1 to 2 years and what most attracts their attention are their little front legs, which they use to move around…

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 10

10. A seagull defends its equal from the attack of an eagle. This picture taken a few months ago went viral in a few hours. One more example of how amazing nature is, something that we mentioned in a previous section. A predator had seized its prey in a coastal area to end its life and feed on it, taking it to a safe place. However, one of the members of the seagull's family was not going to let this happen, and he fought to be released.

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 11

11. Every object has a mold and this is Ronald McDonald's. Undoubtedly, the chain of fast food restaurants most popular and successful in the world would not want this image to spread through the network, it would be a horror before the eyes of children. Although at first sight, it seems like a character from the movie "Mad Max" or an instrument of torture from past eras, he is only the clown at an early stage of his creation. You will no longer look at it the same way…

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 12

12. As a result of stalactites and stalagmites, it looks like an ice-cold elephant. However, we must point out that this creature formed in an icy nature belongs to one of the assemblies of the graphic artist originally from Poland known by Mirekis. In his Instagram account, he specializes in dark and surreal photography. This is one of his most acclaimed works, due to its fusion with the environment previously portrayed. It looks like something out of a fantastic feature film…

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 13

13. He weighs 78 kg and is the biggest pit bull in the world, his name is Hulk, is that ironic? This animal is the best friend and guardian of a 4-year-old infant, and in the image we offer, he was only 18 months old. Although it may seem frightening to those who are not dog lovers, its owner says that he is very calm and affectionate. It belongs to the race of the American pit bull terriers and resides in the state of New Hampshire, in the northeast of the United States.

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 14

14. With 1179.3 kilos and 3 meters high, this is the largest horse in the world. He was called Poe and from his birth. He has not ceased to amaze everyone who knows him. On average, every day he drinks about 200 liters of water. Live not far from the dog of the previous section, specifically in Toronto, southeast of Canada. Due to its large dimensions, when he was young his inexperienced caregivers did not know how to feed him, and he contracted some diseases. He has now changed owners and enjoys great health.

Photographs revealing the strange world around us 15

15. This is a pit bull different from the rest, of an amazing black color. A beautiful and powerful race that remains vetoed in several countries. Many say that they are violent by nature, but the certain thing is that in spite of the temperament of the race, the education that is given to them is what makes them prone to attack.
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