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Feminists pour bleach on men for opening their legs in a subway

A law student has been pouring water mixed with bleach into the crotches of men who traveled by subway to combat "manspreading" (when individuals open their legs when sitting occupying too much space in public places). Anna Dovgalyuk, 20, accuses the men of "gender aggression" and says that in her country, Russia, the problem is far from disappearing. The social activist has been pouring liquid on the boys sitting in this way on public transport in St. Petersburg. How would you react to something like that? Here we tell you all the details about this news.

The feminist wanted to demonstrate against this "unpleasant act" with 30 liters of water mixed with 6 liters of bleach. Of course, the act was not at all what she expected. Unfortunately for the brave women who defend their rights by working and doing what belongs to them as citizens, the actions of this girl, far from motivating and encouraging others, have undermined this tireless struggle. Also, that's not to mention that her actions can be easily denounced as aggressive.

Then, circulating in the subway, she was "punishing" the males who were sitting offensively. According to her, she argues that sitting with legs too wide open up against the right of other users to sit comfortably. In addition, in her deranged opinion, this demonstrates the presumed supremacy of the one that flaunts the oppressive masculine gender of the woman. These radical new ideas are undoubtedly too harmful and contagious.

"This solution is 30 times more concentrated than the mixture used by housewives when they wash clothes..." The intention is to leave an indelible mark on the crotch area of ​​the male pants of those who sit so loosely. The reality is that it is an absurd and cowardly aggression that does nothing to help gender equality. In fact, in the opinion of many women, it even does the opposite.

Feminists pour bleach on men for opening their legs in a subway 1

This will make it much easier to identify "evil" and "abusive" men who do not respect women for sitting with their legs too wide open. "You eat the colors in the textile in a matter of minutes, leaving indelible stains," said Dovgalyuk. The surprising thing is that the video does not show that anyone physically attacked, but only the reaction of surprise and bewilderment of individuals who are sprayed with liquid is appreciated.

Feminists pour bleach on men for opening their legs in a subway 2

The "activist", as she herself calls herself, complains that the "manspreading" is being "a fight around the world, but here it has been silenced". The funny thing is that to be in a country like Russia, where it has already been known of many censures and the control that exists of its population is well known, not as much as the one that existed under the communist yoke of the last century, the girl still continue making this absurd movement that aims to end the legs very open of men.

Feminists pour bleach on men for opening their legs in a subway 3

However, Dovgalyuk did not rule on the same position that a former graduate of his own law school, Vladimir Putin, usually takes. In fact, with regard to the way of sitting of the Russian president, already the former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, wrote something. The somewhat feminist vision of the former first lady of the United States has always been clear. That is why on several occasions she was involved in heated discussions with Trump.

Feminists pour bleach on men for opening their legs in a subway 4

The former US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, did reprimand the Kremlin leader explaining: "We have an expression, which is very well known in New York, called" manspreading ". This term refers precisely to the way of sitting of the men of whom we have already talked so much in this article. Many women find disrespect and an excessive display of virility in this.

Feminists pour bleach on men for opening their legs in a subway 5

"Every time I meet men, I know this will be happening all the time." It must be extremely uncomfortable for the ladies to have to sit next to an individual whose attributes are too large to prevent him from sitting in a more "demure" way. At least it is the excuse of many men when they are questioned about this practice. Although there will surely be some who do not even realize it.

Feminists pour bleach on men for opening their legs in a subway 6

Dovgalyuk claimed that his recording was dedicated to all males who saw this position as normal. At this point, it would be good to make a parenthesis to analyze the situation more thoroughly, although she says that this way of positioning while traveling on the subway is abusive, offensive, obscene and attentive to the rights of women, many men do not even think about this when taking a seat in the wagons. It is very exaggerated, then.

"This way everyone will be able to immediately understand what part of the body controls the behavior of these guys." But, if we put ourselves for a moment to act in the same way that she does, then, would it be justified, from her point of view, to spray with the same liquid the bare bottom of a girl with one of those mini shorts that they wear in the summer, or over the breasts that many show under an extremely pronounced neckline?

Feminists pour bleach on men for opening their legs in a subway 7

Showing some of her victims in the subway cars, the "activist" explained: "Not only have we demonstrated against the "manspreading", but we have also marked them with identifying marks". A very primitive practice and, in the opinion of many, quite cowardly. There are those who think that, if this position bothers you so much, the best thing you can do is simply ask the man who feels differently, instead of performing these acts of vandalism.

The student affirmed that she was acting "in favor of all those who have to resist the manifestations of your manly qualities in public transport". This is when we rethink the same question about how the same situation would look if a man were to apply it to girls who show too much. However, in these convulsive times, it is much easier to attribute everything bad to the one that already has the image.

Calling herself a "social activist", Dovgalyuk had attracted international attention by showing her underwear to raise awareness about the lack of laws against "upskirting" in Russia. It is precisely what we refer to. Thus, this double moral character that almost always characterizes those who manifest themselves without arguments before any practice. Well, according to her deranged mind, the young woman tries to raise awareness about a despicable practice with blatant exhibitionism. Your idea is not very clear to us.

Feminists pour bleach on men for opening their legs in a subway 8

The "upskirting" is the practice of taking pictures without the authorization of the girls below their skirts. This type of acts are undoubtedly aberrant and reprehensible and is a type of abuse, as it threatens the privacy of young women. The practice is believed to have started in Asia, specifically in Japan, where it is certainly known that abuses of this type against women are quite common. Little by little the unpleasant idea has been transferred to other parts of the planet.

Many criticized her asking about how she was helping against lifting skirts by lifting hers and showing off her underwear. The reality is that, as well as all Internet users who expressed their concern about it, we still have the doubt of how they intend to combat this practice by showing their pants in public. There will be those who are scandalized, and perhaps that is their motivation, but it is a useless act against something that must be legislated.

"I am an activist who supports the rights of women and any form of discrimination," she explained. Then, she justifies her incapacity for cordial and kind dialogue with those statements of her that "manspreading" is a type of discrimination against women. If there were more people, both men, and women, like her, then we should be very attentive because we would all be stained and damaged by "attacking" and "attacking" against the rights of others.

A Russian media recently claimed that his video was a montage and that she used actors to create it. But the law student denies it outright. Although, in spite of its refusal, it seems to us to be too suspicious precisely the fact that in a nation like the Russian one it can still go around performing these acts of vandalism. That is why around the planet the debate on the veracity of the recording of the young woman has been opened.

"My action is totally real," she replied. In addition, she admitted that so far no one has reported her. She is probably telling the truth, and perhaps nobody has done so far because it is a childish and ridiculous act that resembles the madness characteristic of adolescents who have not yet defined their personality and try to win the attention and approval of the world. At all costs, even doing vandalism. However, the doubt still remains in the air.

"I do not think anyone goes to the police to report that someone has stained their pants," the girl concluded. We have no choice but to say that currently there are many females that distort a whole path of civic and peaceful struggle in search of gender equality and that, it is for this type of vandalistic, inept and ridiculous actions that have emerged today a new term among the community, mostly male, the famous "feminazis".

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