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Humorous photos taken at the right moment

Many times when taking a picture, even if the image does not come out as we want, we upload it on Instagram, looking for it to go viral in order to become famous. Well, the truth is that to take the perfect picture, it requires a lot of practice, and not only this, but we also have to be in the right place and time. Next, we have compiled a series of images that were taken at the precise moment and that show some very interesting things that are not seen every day.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 1

1. "When you're at the zoo with your son, and the bear wants to give you a big hug." We all know the famous term of the bear hug, but when we see the reality of that, it does not seem so tender after all. There are many people who oppose the existence of these animals. However, as long as you have the necessary care and attention, they are also places that allow us to learn much more about the different animal species existing on the planet.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 2

2. "The fish also have their techniques to eat successfully." Nature is extraordinary and gives us these types of postcards. You do not need to be a true predator to hunt food in a great way. Here we have a clear example of it. This fish was captured in an image just at the moment when it jumped to catch a dragonfly. It is one of those images that we will never be tired of seeing and of thanking nature for offering us these events.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 3

3. "When, just at the moment of the photo, an intruder approaches and scares the hell out of you". The girl's face says it all. These birds, which are considered a pest, are certainly not to everyone's liking. But, it is quite common to see older people feeding them in public squares and parks when it is not advisable to do so precisely because this helps them proliferate. This entails diseases and dirt because we all know their horrible waste.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 4

4. We all hope that the subject under the horse has moved quickly. In fact, it is quite likely that it was precisely because he got through mid-race that the horse got scared and hit that huge jump. We hope, at the same time, that no one has been hurt, not even the poor equine that the only thing he did was try to escape from a run-in with the other guy. These mammals are magnificent and beautiful. We will never get tired of repeating it.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 5

5. Most believe that when we die we go to heaven, although maybe dogs also have a place there. Those who never fell on their backs on the grass to observe the clouds and try to find strange shapes, they did not have a childhood. Before, it was much easier to have fun and kill time. Nowadays, with technology, incredibly even the smallest members of the household already have a cell phone or even their own tablet. That is not recommended at all!

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 6

6. It seems that there is an intruder trying to eat the chicken. Or maybe he knows how it will end too. Maybe they are not chickens but some of their own relatives who are spinning in there. We want to imagine that it is not like that because the truth is that it is quite disgusting to think that we could be eating a pigeon when, in fact, we want to taste a deliciously roasted chick.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 7

7. "It's not a very good idea to fight my cat, then he gets very aggressive." In fact, those who have or have ever had one of these cats as a pet, will not let us lie when we say that they actually have a very bad mood and, when that happens, it is better to stay away from them. On the other hand, they are also adorable creatures, although there will be many who disagree because, in turn, they are animals that do not have the sympathy of the whole world.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 8

8. Some people will think that the man is lifting the horse, but it is nothing more than a mere optical illusion. They are great images that can be obtained when you have a good camera and a minimum of talent to capture the precise moments. It seems that the person in the photo has such brutal strength that he is even capable of holding an equine on his arms. Can you imagine that someone as powerful as he really existed?

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 9

9. "When you are at the right time and right place, things like this happen." It seems that the middleman is fascinated by the famous character of Disney cartoons, as he even wears a diadem with the iconic ears of the famous mouse. However, once we look more closely, we realize that it is two circles in the machine that is behind it. But even the type of birth of his hair influences to look like the Mickey Mouse himself!

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 10

10. Where is the hand of the mother of this child? An image captured at the exact moment. In the first instance, it seems that the woman has some congenital defect and that her arms did not develop correctly. But, once everything is clear, we realize that these little arms belong to the child; not from mom. Like this image there are many. The truth is that they are so similar that even the skin tone deceived us at first sight.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 11

11. Karma reaches everyone equally, regardless of color, race or religion. Don’t do bad things to anyone! Putting horns on the images was a classic when we were little, although there are still adults with soul and childish behavior that continue to do so despite their years. In this photo, we can see that the "instant karma" exists, because the young man was trying to make a joke out of the other child, but he did not count on that right behind him there was a donkey who did the same with him.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 12

12. "The way my co-workers communicate is quite rare". But it is that taking into account the type of employment, there is no other way to communicate more than this. Some will say that for that there are cell phones and WhatsApp, but not all jobs allow employees to use their electronic devices during working hours. Creativity and the need for communication are such that these subjects found a way to do it.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 13

13. Another example of bad luck. When you do wrong, the bad comes sooner or later! Here is a clear sample of what we mentioned before. Two women in adulthood, but with a somewhat playful behavior that would rather correspond to a couple of small. There's nothing wrong with putting horns in the photos, but you have to stick to the consequences of those acts. The karma came too quickly to the wicked and naughty girl.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 14

14. It is better not to notice the shadow of the beautiful girl. Many times we do not realize what is around us when we take a picture until after we do it. When we are observing it, we realize that something or someone else was around. In the specific case of this image, they did not realize the silhouette that formed the shadow of the young woman. Otherwise, they would have opted for another position.

Humorous photos taken at the right moment 15

15. At first glance, it seems that the woman was about 80 years old. But it is again a visual deception. The truth is that it is about the face of her partner, but, due to the angle in which the photograph was taken, it seems that she is an old woman. Surely they had a lot of fun when they saw the result. Although in the same original photo you can also appreciate that they were having a nice summer afternoon in the pool.

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