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How do Arab women live in the harems?

Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, the various stereotypes towards Muslim women do not fail to impress us by their discrepancies to what we know today as the modern world. The truth is that the image of these girls is always full of controversies so it is extremely difficult to distinguish what is true or false about their culture and way of life. Next, we reveal the way in which Arab girls live day by day. Arab weddings are very interesting and rare!

How do Arab women live in the harems? 1

In most Arab countries, the will of the parents intervenes significantly in the approval of the marriage or the denial of it. Unfortunately, gender inequality in most Arab countries continues and seems to have no end. Women are considered inferior beings and cannot have the same rights as men. Women not only have to endure physical abuse but also face discrimination in other areas of life, for example: in the legal, political and social systems in general.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 2

There is also the possibility that if the woman does not like her boyfriend, she has the right to reject the proposal to become a wife. However, many women do not do so because they can be mistreated and for the simple fear of dying, they do not refuse to fulfill the wishes of their relatives. Their rights are often not respected since from ancient times, the man was the one who reigned in the house.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 3

In Arab countries, the marriage contract must be signed on a mandatory basis. The couple cannot live together without getting married, which nowadays becomes very popular in other countries. The Arabs believe that living together, but not legally married, is a very big and unforgivable sin. For this reason, they prefer to "do things well" and not risk the wrath of God.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 4

Almost all the time, these beautiful women marry very controversial men. Although some of the Arab women try to decide about their lives and want to fight for their rights, most prefer to do their family's will and not cause more "problems". But those who dare to fight and overcome fear deserve great applause. Their attitude is worthy of being followed and only then will women all over the world be able to demand their rights.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 5

We all know that in these countries men have a more privileged position than females. The students, workers, mothers, wives encounter obstacles, especially cultural, legal, economic and social. They cannot develop their full capacity and are denied access to the most interesting jobs, to the highest positions or even to some careers in the universities. They have to accept that they will probably never be able to compete with men.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 6

Another point is that the minimum age to get married in a good part of the Arab countries, both in men and women, is 18 years. In this way, many women after finishing their basic education, cannot continue with their studies or career. Immediately after getting married, they have to dedicate themselves to their family and most likely to take care of their children. The dreams of finishing college stay in the past and never come back…

How do Arab women live in the harems? 7

Despite this, there are other nations where early marriages are practiced. People often do not seem to understand that this procedure can have a very bad influence on women who often are still girls or adolescents and do not feel prepared to live with a man and start a family. Many people blame the religion and the sacred books for the similar misfortunes of women.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 8

Weddings are celebrated very differently from the rest of the world. While in other countries weddings are the symbol of a new beginning and a beautiful stage for the couple, in most of the Arab states it is a day that can seem quite sad and mean that for women there are many of their dreams and future plans. Having no other option, she is forced to unite with her husband and from that moment on, live with him all her life, be faithful and not protest when something displeases her.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 9

The male wedding sometimes becomes a different day than the bride's and is usually simpler than the female one. It is something that for other nations is unacceptable. While happy and in love couples celebrate together that important day, in Arab countries women cannot celebrate together with men. It may seem very strange, but it is one of the traditions deeply rooted in their culture.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 10

On the other hand, the feminine wedding is a good reason to presume material goods. This is given in large rooms with many waiters and recognized artists. Somehow everyone is so used to it that they cannot imagine celebrating it in any other way. Women have fun in their own way and men like it. They can openly discuss all the issues and do not worry about breaking some protocol. From what we see, everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 11

Before the husband arrives at the wedding, all the ladies present are told to leave and prepare for the abayas. It is a sign of respect for men. Women say they still have modesty and not everyone can see them complete. It is a privilege that only your husband and some family members have. They are forbidden to take off their hijab at other times.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 12

Free gifts? Well, no. It is not allowed to give money or an appliance for the wedding. Even that question has certain restrictions and we must be very careful with everything we want to give away. The best thing is to first consult that question with the man since the women cannot even make the decisions even in this case. So as not to create any kind of problem, it is better to know a bit about the tradition and ask what can and cannot be done.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 13

The most common gifts range from expensive jewelry to precious metals. However, we must recognize that Arabs, both men, and women, love everything that shines and that is of great value. They will gladly accept all kinds of jewelry and ornaments. Although women have to be very careful with everything they wear, they can wear jewelry, earrings, necklaces.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 14

In the field of education and work, in most Arab countries certain laws that are very obsolete must be modified. Women are considered inferior and often do not have the same type of security as men. In many countries, women are prohibited from driving. Nor can they abandon their husband, only the man has the right to divorce.

How do Arab women live in the harems? 15

Housework rests on women without exception. Even, it is important to say that the country's workforce is represented only 35% by girls, very different from countries like the United States or Germany. Women have to dedicate themselves to the family and they should not care about anything other than serving their husband and children. It is not surprising that many of the Arab women do not even know how to read or write since all they have ever been allowed to be was the housewife, they do not need it.

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How do Arab women live in the harems? 16
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