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The signs of Meghan Markle's pregnancy were clear and we did not realize

Meghan Markle's pregnancy has surprised everyone thanks to the way she announced it to the media, using a simple message on the Instagram account. However, although many had tried to anticipate the events, trying by all means to see signs where there were none, the truth is that in the end, the most obvious marks were completely invisible to ordinary mortals. Now, in the end, everyone wants to point out the merit of having found out before, although only a few managed to see the real hints.

1. The mother was present at all times

1. The mother was present at all times

Something very common in first-time-pregnant daughters is to need the help of the person they trust the most for these tasks, their own mothers. It is well known that they always have an answer for each of the symptoms that scare those women who have never lived this beautiful, but also often complex, stage of life. Without a doubt, you will not be able to be surer than having the person who brought you up and who will know how to advise you. Even the duchesses themselves seem to repeat the pattern inherited from mother to daughter.

1. The mother was present at all times 1

This is how Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, set out from her habitual residence in the United States to travel with her daughter and give her all the support she needed. No matter the distance you have to cross, it seems that the union and love that profess breaks all kinds of barriers. In fact, she was the only one in her family who participated in her wedding. It was not strange that it was also the first person she thought about when she understood that she should hide her pregnancy until she was convinced that she was on the right track.

1. The mother was present at all times 2

Without a doubt, Meghan knew how to put her own concerns and her mother's advice before the demands of real protocol, as you can see below. Despite her presence, she made it clear that something was happening in her life that required the advice of her mother because she was very close and it did not seem that anyone in the royal house was an impediment. Do not forget that protocols are always followed to the letter in this family that puts so much effort into the correction. Luckily her husband is also known as one of the most rebellious of the Windsor.

1. The mother was present at all times 3

2. The mother played an important role

During one of the official visits it was possible to see that after getting off the car, the first person accompanying Meghan was her own mother, and not her husband. While it is true that this could have been interpreted as something strange, since in fact, it was contrary to what is normally followed in the actual protocols, yes, the alarms jumped as she could see that her husband was also in the vehicle. No doubt something strange was happening. Some might even have thought that they were going through a kind of detachment, but by the mimes of Prince Harry himself, everything was completely ruled out.

2. The mother played an important role

In addition, she kept protecting her belly unconsciously, placing a hand on it at almost every moment. This signal could be interpreted correctly once the pregnancy was known. Of course, pointing to the merit of having discovered the true motive, in the end, is not something that has any recognition, although it was already some experts in the interpretation of non-verbal communication who said that this signal was unmistakable of a first-time, inexperienced woman with no place to doubts pregnancy.

2. The mother played an important role 1

Women often repeat this gesture when they are pregnant, as a measure of additional protection. However, in her case, it was something very different. That natural instinct to put all possible obstacles between a possible threat and her budding child. But although little or nothing can be done against the involuntary, the placement from hands, arms, coats or even people in between responded to another type of need, because if the press discovered early pregnancy and it did not come to fruition. Media pressure would be a complex ballast to handle.

2. The mother played an important role 2

Actually, the most important intention was always to prevent the pregnancy from coming to light, because they did not want to anticipate events. In theory, the protocol should be followed to the letter. In the first place, it was necessary to inform the queen, then the town. Surely the monarch would nevertheless already be aware of the baby who would be destined to become her new grandchild or granddaughter almost at the same time that the parents of the child knew. What we do know is the moment when the rest of the royal family heard about the new one.

2. The mother played an important role 3

3. Well covered belly

At all times, she has always been responsible for covering the emerging belly emerging, either with more loose clothes or trying to place objects or their own hands in the presence of cameras. All the efforts were always aimed at nobody noticing the classic curve in the belly that betrayed their status. That was especially complicated in someone like her, used to having a perfect figure since always and have no problem with wearing the closest possible clothing. He had his tricks, of course, and we know from whom.

3. Well covered belly

However, that was precisely what triggered the alarms, because on one occasion the dress itself was too loose and it seemed that the always thin figure of Meghan was not so. This episode, in which a blue evening dress with a somewhat strange design aroused a real storm of suspicion, was forgotten when it began to be said that they were only suppositions. However, surely the dukes themselves began to wonder if it would not be more prudent to try to find a way to communicate their new state without having to be worried all day about discovering them.

3. Well covered belly 1

4. Prince especially overprotective

On several occasions we were able to see Prince Harry especially overprotective, trying to embrace his wife in situations where he would normally just be more or less close. We cannot forget that he is also a first-time father, so the fears, the closeness to know who will be his heir or the desire to care for the two loves of his life, both his wife and the baby that is gestating in it; They were undoubtedly the motivators of this attachment. However, this had a face that left many with a suspicious look as if they smelt something that they were hiding.

4. Prince especially overprotective

Also on occasion, we saw him surrounding the belly of his partner, with the firm intention of protecting her. No doubt they were already becoming aware of what was coming. While it is true that this type of gestures is very common in all couples, the displays of affection in public are not usually well seen in court, so this approach contained more than Harry himself unintentionally reported. All signs pointed to the same but nobody noticed. Maybe if it had been his brother, someone much more accustomed to directing his life to more than likely the life on the throne, would have changed the tables a lot.

4. Prince especially overprotective 1

5. Sponsor visit

Without anyone knowing the reason apparently, Meghan went to visit her best friend in Toronto during the month of August, the news being a possible excuse. Although for the inexperienced eyes this visit could be confused as a simple meeting of friends, the truth is that the displacement not included in Meghan's work plan, especially due to the proximity of her marriage with Prince Harry, made her think that there really was something more in that search for personal advice. We cannot forget the profession of friendship itself.

5. Sponsor visit

Surely Jessica Mulroney, who has always stayed with Meghan, could also provide aesthetic ideas so as not to reveal her pregnancy prematurely. From ideas to camouflage your belly to styles of clothing that help you look thinner, all the wise advice a designer to rely on fully would be more than welcome. If so, it certainly showed that she knew how to be up to the task, because she was not running with an exclusive that would have been more than substantial without a doubt. Surely she will still feel very happy about not having broken that relationship, because true friendships are not bought with money.

5. Sponsor visit 1

6. Change of haircut

One of the tricks that have always served Meghan's sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, is changing her hairstyle or haircut to distract the press. This is how she tried to avoid looking at her own pregnancies because the focus of attention was always directed to the new style and not to the measures that were gradually changing. We must always bear in mind that if we have a team of people dedicated to adapt all our clothes to these tasks, it is not very complicated to hide an increase in volume, but when you are the wife of Prince Harry, the army of experts looking to find that new member of the family.

6. Change of haircut

It was precisely because of this that the Duchess of Sussex herself possibly decided to change this, trying to fix the gaze not on her belly but on her hair. We could see it with a pickup, with the hair loose and even with several levels of length. Everything provided that the press treated the changes of look and threw absurd theories that would have nothing to do with the real reason. It seems that in a certain way the advice served her, although now it will never again have that effect since at the minimum hair modification the alarms will jump over a second baby on the way.

6. Change of haircut 1

7. Revealed during the wedding of the princess Eugenia

Apparently, the important news was revealed to the media during the celebration of the wedding of Princess Eugenia, youngest daughter of the Duke of York and cousin of Prince Harry. Although the Duchess did not want to steal the attention in any way so that on that day it was the bride who stole the glances. Some even commented that their commitment to a navy blue coat was more oriented not to emphasize that to cover their pregnancy. But the truth is that during that event they began to inform the closest members about the good news.

7. Revealed during the wedding of the princess Eugenia

It was in a conversation with Princess Anne, the only daughter of Elizabeth II when she began directing the conversation towards her state, noting that on several occasions they were signaling to Meghan's own belly. Little by little, the members closest to the family trust circle learned something that was soon going to be on everyone's lips. But we are sure that in the image that we put the Queen herself and looked with different eyes to the woman of his grandson. After all, she will give Her the next great-grandson or great-granddaughter.

7. Revealed during the wedding of the princess Eugenia 1

8. The media announced it in multiple rumors

Although none managed to find the key, denying, again and again, the truth is that all the press smelled that the pregnancy was in the making, so there was no shortage of those who saw the news in each gesture. From changes of rules, suspicious dresses and even based on protocol signals, all dared to give their own version of the facts without anyone getting it right. Little by little everyone joined the car to believe for sure in a pregnancy too fast perhaps to be true. On the other hand, some also tried to disprove the facts based on the advice established by the actual protocol.

8. The media announced it in multiple rumors

However now the most important thing is that both are very happy waiting for the arrival of the baby and leaving the rest of the world with the intrigue about whether it will be a male or a female. Undoubtedly no matter what comes, because all they want is to be born as healthy and strong as their parents have always done, regardless of their gender or if they have one or other genes. The only thing we can assure is that with such beautiful parents the baby will have to be, at least, a true beauty.

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8. The media announced it in multiple rumors 1
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