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People who have had the worst day of their lives

Getting up with a bad feeling has happened to everyone. It does not matter if you are more positive or negative, you simply wake up and there is a bad vibration that haunts you. Pronouncing the words "this cannot get worse" is the most representative phrase of these occasions. And indeed, just as you had thought. Yes, it can be worse and it even happens. Precisely that is what happened to the 20 people that we show below when they least expected it, destiny made one of their own and ended up totally hurt. Each one took it in a different way, however with time for all it ended up being the same, an anecdote to tell their children.

People who have had the worst day of their lives 1

1. I thought the painting was for the wall. In the first section of our list today we observe what would be a nightmare for many people, a nonsense for the rear seats of a beautiful car. Apparently, the owner of this vehicle wanted to transport a bucket of paint but forgot to close it well, so at the first curve he took, the contents of this container spilled over a large area of ​​his car. It will take many hours and work to clean up all that…

People who have had the worst day of their lives 2

2. They already have the bridge to the ship. The scene that we contemplate now is something like a half-hearted tragedy because at the moment the car has not been submerged to the water, with which surely it does not present any damages by the peculiar accident that it suffered. It's a typical photograph that makes us wonder: How did that get there? A great slip and great luck made it possible for that machine to run aground with a yacht in the port.

People who have had the worst day of their lives 3

3. There is a fire in the building. The ABC News 2 network is so involved in the information that they saw it necessary to report the specific reason why its broadcast had stopped suddenly. Apparently, there had been a fire in the facilities where important events were reported, and therefore it was impossible for them to contact viewers. Until what moment did they keep the informative poster? Do they have several preparations in case a mishap occurs? Did they record the incident?

People who have had the worst day of their lives 4

4. Disasters are not only natural... This time we observed what could happen in any supermarket in the world if any of its shelves were to expire and fall to the ground. We do not know exactly what was the reason for the supports where many household cleaning products were exposed, but it was possibly due to the ravages that earthquakes cause. The result is the floor covered with plastic cans, softener, and detergent... Employees would not have a great time…

People who have had the worst day of their lives 5

5. He got confused on the road. The five people we see in the snapshot, in the middle of a highway, were still wondering how the driver had become so unqualified as to get the car to where it was. Of course, a lot of speed, but also a very big luck, because, a little further, or to the left or right of the road and perhaps would have given way to a real tragedy. Usually, in the middle of the dividing lanes water barrels or protections are included, but the vehicle destroyed them all…

People who have had the worst day of their lives 6

6. He forgot to apply the parking brake. The woman who posed in the middle of the snapshot surely had nothing to do with the peculiar and terrible scene that could be seen in the background. And is that this female made a gesture of horror but in a somewhat sarcastic way. The real cause of such a "parking" maneuver remained unknown, waiting to recover from the abuse of the night before. The owner of the black car would not be so happy.

People who have had the worst day of their lives 7

7. The restraint failed. People complain a lot about the attitude that some workers have in the workshops in which the cars are repaired because they often do not get to meet their repair on the specified dates. But the case of the tenth section of our list goes much further because a technical failure of the machine used to lift the vehicles yielded to pressure and the car was almost destroyed. Hopefully, the final bill will not be as high as usual…

People who have had the worst day of their lives 8

8. Windows boycotting concerts. Many bands of international fame include in their shows a visual content with which to transmit many more ideas than just with their music. Also, the screens they carry with them on tours can serve to focus on the protagonists and those who are far away from the stage do not lose detail of the performance. The popular industrial rock group "Nine Inch Nails" had not imagined what a failure of the operating system could generate…

People who have had the worst day of their lives 9

9. Water duck. In the two photos at the top, we see the positive and fun of playing on the docks near the water, because the catches we get from this are magisterial. On the other hand, in the lower area is where you can see the consequences of having been tempting fate because the female ended up getting soaked and being rescued by some people passing by. Do you think it was worth it? Which of the 4 photos do you like the most?

People who have had the worst day of their lives 10

10. Excessive speed? No, of weight. In the same way that we could say that "greed broke the sack", in this case, we would have to comment "greed destroyed the truck". The construction worker that we see raised in the cockpit wanted to save several trips, and for that reason, he overloaded his machine, without thinking about the danger he was facing. Finally, he learned a very good lesson, next time he would not be so ambitious…

People who have had the worst day of their lives 11

11. If you jump, I jump. Since the wonderful movie "Titanic" was released in 1997, there was a specific scene that we all wanted to repeat once, for the romantic. We talked about when the characters played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet climbed the bow of the transatlantic to feel the speed and passion of the ocean. This is how they wanted to represent the two lovers in a slightly smaller boat, but a seagull hindered them…

People who have had the worst day of their lives 12

12. Get caught! New technologies offer us many possibilities that in the past seemed incredible, such as playing videos anywhere. However, these magnificent amenities also have a bad part, because although there are no specific rules on what to see or what to use in public to our electronic devices, each one should try to maintain respect for others. But the old man that we contemplated did not worry much, because he only turned his screen to try that nobody saw the content for adults that was watching…

People who have had the worst day of their lives 13

13. In the end, they lacked eggs. The man we saw in the back of the truck was looking at the ground thoughtfully while trying to contact his boss through the cell phone. He did not know exactly how he was going to explain it to him, but the damage he had caused was irreparable. Hundreds and hundreds of eggs were scattered all over the road, perhaps because they did not unload the packages that contained them safely. The scene is as peculiar as it is tragic.

People who have had the worst day of their lives 14

14. They must have offered him a car. Although it seems that the authorities were attending to this wounded policeman, the truth is very different. The officer who was on the ground just wanted to make a funny picture, so he knocked down his motorcycle and posed as if he had fallen. His partner captured the scene very willingly, even though they were close to an emergency. A phenomenon that occurs in the positions of the forces of all countries, unfortunately…

People who have had the worst day of their lives 15

15. Look, mom, no teeth! The typical jumps in the pools are as fun as they are dangerous if they are not made with enough thinking, and with head, we do not mean that we push ourselves with it. We do not know how the young man shot himself in the photo, but surely he does not dare to repeat it. Any slip at the time of throwing us can make us regret it for a long time. The only thing that would save him is that he was going to the left, but it seems that was not the meaning of his movement.

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