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We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that!

Physical contact is very important in the life of each person. Since we are born we are accustomed to the love that our mother gives us and we assimilate it with the security and tranquility that we need so much to be well. A sincere hug or a simple handshake can be essential in our emotional development. Above all, we should not deny this contact to our children, who in their difficult moments, all they need is appreciation and the assurance that they can always count on us.

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 1

However, physical contact is even more significant in relationships. It is normal that when two people love each other they want to be close to each other, to show affection and with facts and words to make it clear to the other person that they are their whole world. One of the simplest and at the same time most pleasant samples of manifesting our love is a kiss in the mouth. It is the connection of two bodies, of two personalities at the same time. But have you ever wondered why we usually close our eyes when we kiss? The answer had to be sought by the same scientists who decided to discover the cause of our action…

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 2

1. The kisses that we exchange with our partner can be many and surely we do not even count them. The fact that we close our eyes when we kiss our partner is something that has caused great confusion among the scientific community, so they had to get down to work and discover the reason. It seems that it does not matter and, in fact, most people dismiss it as one of those rare things that happen and that's it; They do not question it beyond that. However, today we want to share with all of you the science of why we close our eyes automatically when we kiss that special someone...

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 3

2. Another thing we do not even realize is that we close our eyes almost instantaneously when we kiss someone. In the first instance, when you're going to kiss your partner, you probably do not think about closing your eyes on purpose; it's just something that happens, right? When two people feel the sparks of falling in love, so, although they approach each other with their eyes open, at some point, when they close their lips to kiss each other, they also close their eyes. Oddly enough, this happens involuntarily, whether you want it or not. Why does this happen? Actually, there is a very good explanation for this...

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 4

3. A group of scientists and psychologists from one of the most important universities in London decided to find the answer to that question that has haunted us so much. The psychologists, after spending some time researching about it, could finally find a series of answers about why all people kiss each other with their eyes closed. In short, it turns out that the brain cannot deal with multiple stimuli at once, so, for two subjects to focus on the kiss, they simply close their eyes to the same time as they prepare the lips (closing them) to initiate the act. In the end, it does not seem like much, right?

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 5

4. The researchers performed multiple visual and sensory tests to verify the reason for our behavior. The study was carried out by none other than the Royal Halloway University of London, where the vision and tactile sensory experience was analyzed, discovering that people's brains try very hard to process what happens during a kiss, leaving aside the visual stimuli. In other words, we most likely do not pay attention to keeping our eyes open during a kiss because our brains are not able to process BOTH visual and sensory stimuli at the same time...

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 6

5. According to experts, our brain cannot focus on two things at the same time so we close our eyes in order to better experience kissing. Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy, both working as cognitive psychologists, discovered that "the tactile awareness of touch depends on the level of perceptual charge in a concurrent visual task." Published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, the study reached such conclusions without any of the participating couples having to kiss. On the contrary, the assistants had to undergo a series of visual tasks while the scientists observed their tactile sense...

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 7

6. "The awareness of the sense of touch depends on the level of perceptual load in a simultaneous visual task," the researchers report. In the same way, the visual part of the study included another set of participants who completed tasks to search for different difficulties, while the scientists set out to measure their tactile response by equipping them with a device that was emitting small vibrations in their hands. As a coherent conclusion, the results highlighted that the totality of the participants responded less to tactile stimuli the more they had to strain their eyes...

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 8

7. Thanks to the studies carried out by the British, we know that we are less sensitive to the touch when our sight also has to work. In order to be understood in a better way, the study suggested that all the attending couples saw that, during those letter-seeking tasks, they hardly felt the vibration in their hands. However, when they began to close their eyes, they admitted feeling the same vibration with much more force. Of course, scientists established the vibrations at the same frequency all the time, so results were quite conclusive. This clearly explains why we close our eyes when kissing...

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 9

8. The sense of touch is the strongest of a human being. However, these results could also be applied to other highly stimulating activities, such as intimate relationships, where the people involved prefer, on a number of occasions, to close their eyes to avoid feeling overwhelmed or invaded by other details and help focus on the act. Basically, during the relationships maintained by two people, they tend to close their eyes to process the experience without being distracted by other visual parts. Therefore, the same is for kisses...

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 10

9. For the same reason when we kiss, and at the same time we do another pleasant activity, we prefer to focus on the touch. Dalton, one of the scientists who led the study, said: "These results could explain why we close our eyes when we want to focus attention in another direction." Interrupting visual information leaves a greater amount of mental resources to focus on other aspects of the experience we are experiencing at that time. " Of course, there are also people who prefer not to close their eyes when giving a passionate kiss, but choose to look into the eyes of the other person...

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 11

10. When we close our eyes we make it easier for our mind to concentrate on what is most important, that is, on touch. Anyway, the results of this study suggest that closing your eyes during a passionate kiss will increase the intimacy of that encounter, making it much more pleasant for those involved. It is also believed that evolution could have played a fundamental role in this behavior, since the fewer distractions a person has, the greater the focus will be on coitus and, ultimately, increase the chances of a woman's pregnancy.

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 12

11. Scientists are convinced that when we distract our brain with images, the sense of touch does not work in the same way. As we have already mentioned, some people choose to give a kiss with their eyes open, although getting used to it may also require a little effort. However, whether you enjoy the act of kissing or not, at least now you know the reason why we normally kiss with our eyes closed, and that nature only wants us to maintain a better experience with our special person.

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 13

12. The more emphasis we put on visual stimuli, the less tactile we can receive. If you think about it, it makes sense: you do not usually close your eyes when you kiss your mother, at least, not if it is not accompanied by a big hug or other relatively emotional situation (the same goes for the rest of loved ones). Kissing with closed eyes is a great attempt to gather feelings and intensify the intimacy of the encounter. So, maybe for more than one reason, keeping your eyes open when doing it with your partner, could derail that interaction, although nothing happens...

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 14

13. Now, we already know the strange reason why we always close our eyes when we kiss the person we love. However, in addition to all the scientific part of the aforementioned, it is said that there are also a series of more spiritual and romantic reasons to explain why we close our eyes when giving a kiss. For example, "to let the lips speak" is something said by many couples in love; After spending a large part of the day talking and using many words, kissing is like a way of expressing that intimacy that no word is able to articulate and, being honest, we could not agree more...

We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 15

14. Scientists recommend that we fill weights with our loved ones, but better with closed eyes. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is also a sign related to pleasure: we close our eyes every time we experience something pleasant; when we hear a beautiful song that brings us nostalgia, when we pray, when we worship, when we sleep, when we reach the climax, and even when we eat or drink something delicious. Finally, it is something like a sign of surrender, since it shows that you are not fighting against that kiss, but that you are giving it back, surrendering to the moment and surrendering to that person; hence, kissing with open eyes is typical of cold and distant people.

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We kiss with our eyes closed! There is an explain behind that! 16
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