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Freddie Mercury and Lady Di: All about their intimate friendship

The music of the British band Queen is world-famous, and millions of fans in their fantastic melodies find the ticket of running away from the world and its problems. Sings which they can dance to and sing along with. It was also a magical escape from reality for one of their most popular followers, Princess Diana. Freddie Mercury and Lady Di came to maintain an intimate friendship. They even spent an evening in a well-known bar together. Here we will tell you all the details of this story …

Mercury and Diana were two of the most famous British characters of the last two decades of the twentieth century, which unfortunately had a tragic fate. However, despite the fact that Queen's leader died in 1991 and Lady Di passed away in 1997, the truth is that her actions and influence changed and helped the positive evolution of our society. Her legacy still lasts until today, so both still have a huge number of fans who won’t ever stop knowing more about the secrets of their lives and the hidden stories like the one we bring to you today …

In recent weeks, the world seems to be recalling the popular band Queen, due to the premiere of the film that tells the story of Mercury’s life, "Bohemian Rhapsody". A surprising mass phenomenon that has made the rock group returns to the number 1 spot of the chart as one of the most listened songs in various nations, at least based on the Spotify tops. However, the facts that link Diana of Wales to Freddie were removed from the tape to avoid generating unnecessary controversy.

Freddie Mercury and Lady Di: All about their intimate friendship 1

But the reality is that Diana and Mercury had a lot of fun together since both had rebellious and transgressive personalities. For her part, Diana had publicly supported the homosexual collective and the patients that acquired immunodeficiency syndrome with various speeches and public appearances. One of these acts occurred when the princess visited a hospital to greet and converse with the one that was infected with this terrible virus that at the time was marginalized and of which was little known.

People came to think that just touching one of these patients could infect them. Diana thus became in 1987 a benchmark for homose*ual individuals. Although Freddie would not convey that he was carrying the HIV virus, the truth is that in that year he was aware that he had contracted this horrible disease that had taken so many lives in the 80s. Diana was far from the marginal world of this group, but as a member of the British royal house, she used her power and influence to support this needed social cause.

The name "Queen" was dedicated of course to the great monarch of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, who was also one of the main detractors of Lady Di since entering royalty. Ironically, the leader of this group would become a close friend of the queen's daughter-in-law. Everything happened when both characters seemed to be at the height of their international popularity, in the mid-80s. Diana married in 1981, and since then, her controversial story of "love" and her unique style and personality were admired by millions of people.

Due to the importance of her social position, since Diana was the wife of Prince Charles, heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, her movements were observed both by the strict rules of royalty and by the yellow press. However, the crazy night they both shared did not get documented by any news of the time, because Diana managed to sneak away from her responsibilities on more than one occasion. The story came to light because of the actress and comedian Cleo Rocos, who was involved in Mercury's circle of friends.

The peculiar night that without a doubt is counted among the most extraordinary nights of Lady Di took place in the year 1988 and it extended by little more than half an hour. It all started when Freddie, Cleo, Diana, and Kenny Everett met at Everett's house to drink and laugh while watching one of the princess' favorite series, the "Golden Years" show. The four invented a fun game in which they lowered the sound of television and improvised the dialogues of the characters on the small screen, creating fun stories much more spicy and lighthearted …

This game made them laugh non-stop, and Diana, then 27 years old, laughed beautifully as she covered herself shyly with a cushion. Later, Lady Di asked them what they were going to do that night, to which Freddie replied that they had agreed to go to the Vauxhall club. Diana was fascinated by the mysterious name of the place, of which she had never heard, so she expressed her desire to accompany them. Although the other 3 characters tried to dissuade her because that place had nothing to do with her aristocratic position, the princess wanted to continue playing and did not accept a no for an answer.

Finally, Freddie calmed his friends and accepted Diana's request, commenting something like "Okay, let the girl have fun." The Royal Vauxhall was a very popular club that was always full of people, and where nighttime conflicts were quite common. If some incident would happen to Diana inside this pub and was reported by the media, it is more likely that she would get into serious trouble. Without an epsilon of care, Lady Di drew a plan that seemed perfect: she would disguise herself in a military jacket, sunglasses like Mercury's and a typical leather cap.

Although the idea at first seemed very bizarre, the truth is that Diana of Wales had been exceptionally camouflaged and anyone could confuse her with a homose*ual male in search of a march. After witnessing this amazing image, the group went directly to the club. Upon arriving and entering the Vauxhall they realized how full it was. The heated atmosphere made them sweat and Diana did not seem to lose enthusiasm, greeting everyone who passed by. Freddie described that moment as something exciting and outrageous in equal measure.

With each hairy, leather-clad individual approaching the group, the emotion increased proportionally, but no one realized who they were dealing with. Little by little they made their way through all the ambiguous characters that crowded the place to finally reach the bar. Then, laughing like little children, Diana and Freddie embraced celebrating the triumph of their magnificent adventure. They both ordered their favorite drink (Diana emulating a much more serious voice than she had) and toasted with joy.

However, Diana's companions at that evening did not want to risk more, so after 30 minutes since their arrival, they decided to leave. When they reached the street and got a little more intimate, they knew that never before had it been so funny and stimulating to go to a pub. The freedom of Lady Di was limited again and after requesting a taxi they took her to the palace of Kensington where Diana lived then. No one knew anything about this fact, not even the royalty, who knew the escapes of the princess but never imagined anything similar.

After this mischief, Lady Di and the leader of Queen continued a very special relationship that only broke with the death of Freddie in 1991, an event that greatly distressed Diana. After the death of the singer, the princess took the responsibility of being the patron of the solidarity organization National AIDS Trust, a movement dedicated to the fight against this horrible pathology and its prevention. However, as we mentioned earlier, this was not the first support that Diana brought to this social cause …

We said at the beginning that Lady Di had used her power from the beginning of her official arrival to the British royal family in 1981 to help those most in need, an aspect that was part of her nature, and as she said of her destiny. In 1987, she inaugurated the first medical section of England dedicated to HIV, giving visibility to this sector so marginalized in society and to that pathology that everyone did not want to talk or hear. In that hospital, she was photographed talking and hugging the sick people with total naturalness, breaking all kinds of beliefs of the people …

After 6 years of the death of the leader of Queen and intimate friend of Diana, the princess also experienced a tragic end in a traffic accident. Lady Di had a very charismatic and courageous personality, and part of her confidence was provided by Freddie and the relationship she had with him. On the other hand, the affection that had always been provided by her millions of followers had a lot to do with the attitude of solidarity and kindness with which she always treated everyone …

Princess Diana was not influenced by the strict protocol or criticism of others in the family of her husband, and always claimed her freedom above all things. This is how we know about the fun adventures she experienced and the strength with which she felt the joy with everything she dealt with. However, it seems that she never came to accept the sad outcome of her love story, a toxic link with Prince Charles that had already begun suspiciously.

Diana chose her circle of friends in a very particular way because each of her actions was observed by the public eye. This is how we know that she surrounded herself with important people who had something in common: many of them were homose*uals and with great influence in society. The singers George Michael and Freddie Mercury are proof of this, in the same way as the luxury designer Gianni Versace. Not to mention the comedian Kenny Everett or one of her servants, the butler Paul Burrell.

Diana's desire to help those most in need was so positive and powerful that thank to her actions, the princess knew how to transmit to Great Britain and part of the foreigner that those sick people were also people and that they needed the same love and affection as others. Then was the beginning of a tireless struggle against the HIV virus, which today is much more known and nobody believes that you should treat those who suffer as monsters. Lady Di is loved by the LGBT collective and they remember her as a true icon.

After all, it is not surprising that two extraordinary and charismatic personalities such as Freddie Mercury and Diana could come together to be accomplices of the most delicious pranks.
Which of the two do you love the most? Which part did you like most about this story?

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