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Jonas Brothers Back to PAY for Nick's weddings!?

THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG! It’s been almost 6 years since the split of one of the most beloved bands of the 21st century, the Jonas Brothers. We were all going crazy about the rumors about their comeback for so long! And guess what?! They did it! The beloved Jonas Brothers are back and they have just released a new single with a little surprise in their video! Stay with us to get to know all the details about the greatest reunion of the decade!

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Let’s start with a small throwback and see how The Jonas Brothers began. Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas were raised in New Jersey! Their first single “Mandy” was released in 2005, which later became a part of their first album “It’s About Time”. At the same time, the brothers were writing soundtracks and theme song for Disney Channel and Cartoon Network’s shows, as well as making covers. Despite their undeniable musical talent, they mainly became popular thanks to numerous appearances on the TV. They started as guest stars on in “Hannah Montana” and had some more performances with Miley Cyrus. As a continuation of their collaboration with Disney Channel, brothers filmed a short reality show about their life.

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They started releasing more albums, which were topping the charts at the time and going to the world tours successfully but JoBros didn't forget about their acting career. In 2008 they starred in “Camp Rock” along with Demi Lovato, which was a huge success and immediately got a sequel. But after all those years of being at the peak of popularity, something went wrong. In 2013, the three brothers announced their fifth album “V” and the following tour. We believe all the fans were devasted when they heard the news about the cancelation of the tour, which Jonas announced just days before its start! Shortly after that, in October, the band’s social media pages were deactivated and they officially confirmed their break-up. But what led to their unexpected split just in the middle of their successful career?

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The only thing their fans received was vague explanations of their disbanding. Nick admitted that he was the one who started talking about the elephant in the room! They were fighting and had some issues within the band that none of them wanted to solve. Later, it was revealed that Nick wasn’t only the initiator of the talks about the breakup, but the reason for it! He said it was for the better for all of them because it was the right time and they had been facing tough challenges for a while. Well, it seems fair enough that after spending 8 years as an inseparable band, the members wanted to get some privacy! And we must admit, it was actually for the best!

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After the breakup of the Jonas Brothers, the oldest brother Kevin focused on his family, which he stared while the band was still active. He married Danielle Deleasa in 2009 and shortly after the wedding they created their own TV show “Married to Jonas”. Now they have two daughters and seem to have quite a happy family life. Joe Jonas didn’t leave the music career and went solo for two years. But apparently, he wanted some nostalgia or, as he said, he just feels more comfortable as a part of the band, so he formed DNCE in 2015. Currently, he’s engaged to the actress Sophie Turner. Nick was into solo music as well, releasing a solo album with a hit track “Jealous”, but he continued appearing on TV. The youngest member of The Jonas Brothers also got married to Priyanka Chopra last year, leaving only Joe unmarried.

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Now, let’s see how all the rumors started! All fans were excited about something that Nick, Joe, and Kevin have been working on! We all became suspicious when the brothers reactivated their Instagram account which allowed us to make a suggestion that they are likely to make a comeback! Another Instagram proof was the picture of the brothers with Katie and Ryan Liestman, who were working with The Jonas Brothers band. The caption under the picture said “Family reunion.” So it wasn’t just a coincidence!

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The Sun was the first to confirm it! And after all, we all were right! Even though Nick Jonas tried to shut down the rumors at the 2018 Grammys, the fans stayed suspicious. Now that they finally opened up about their reunion, they admitted how hard it was to keep it a secret for about 7 or 8 months! But it was totally worth it! The Jonas Brothers’ new song “Sucker” is already out!

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The made their comeback even more epic with having their beautiful wives Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner starring in the video! It is definitely must-see!
How do you feel about the reunion of the Jonas Brothers? Have you checked their new single yet?! We’d be glad to read your comments! See you next time!

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