Published 2019-12-10
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Is Zahara Jolie-Pitt Making Her Mom Proud?!

It looks like Angelina Jolie is doing a great job of being a mom to all her kids. Recently the family has gone through a lot but, the actress can definitely be proud of her oldest daughter, Zahara. Has Zahara gotten in touch with her biological mother? Is she proud of her achievements? Let’s find all of that out today! 14 years have passed since Angelina Jolie adopted a 6 months old Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt from Ethiopia. Soon after that happened, there had been reports that she’s an orphan and her father and mother died of AIDS. So, almost immediately Angie did HIV tests on the kid but, fortunately, the results were negative. Sometime later Zahara's biological mother turned up and said that the information had been false. But then, why was the baby given up for adoption?

Well, everything was clarified in 2007, when Mentewab Dawit Lebiso, Zahara’s biological mother, gave an interview for Reuters. According to what she said, Mentewab had been attacked and abandoned in a critical state when she was just 19 years old. After the complicated pregnancy, the woman gave birth to a little girl but she was too sick to take care of her. Her first name was Yemsrach, and almost immediately she was given up for adoption by Mentewab's mother. And it was the biological grandmother of little Zahara who spread the false information. Geez, these stories are really heartbreaking!

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But, as if this real-life drama wasn’t sad enough, in 2017, Mentewab, who makes a living renting some of the rooms of her simple house, spoke up again. In an interview for the British newspaper Daily Mail, the Ethiopian woman declared that she just wanted her daughter to know that she was alive. She wasn’t asking for her daughter back but she wanted the chance to talk to her. She knew that the life that the Hollywood actress has given Zahara was everything she could’ve wished for. Mentewab only wanted to ask Angelina to let her be in contact with her daughter so that she knew her origins. And it must be really hard for a mother to watch how the daughter who was taken away from her, is becoming a successful young lady; and she’s unable to be by her side to enjoy her achievements.

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That’s because, at just 14, Zahara’s name has already appeared in the credits of some productions. For example, in 2006, when she was barely 1 year old, she appeared on the VH1 All Access series about the 20 cutest celebrity babies. In 2014, even though her name didn’t appear in the credits, she had a role in "Maleficent", where her mother was the main character. Finally, in 2016, Zahara got her first serious job when together with her sibling she recorded animal noises for Kung Fu Panda 3, where again she worked alongside her mother, who gave her voice to Tigress. But it seems that the best was yet to come…

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During the recent premiere of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in LA, the talented teenager came with her mother and 4 of her siblings, wearing jewelry that she designed. According to the report, the earrings, bracelet and the ring she wore were a part of the “Zahara Collection”. By the way, the eldest daughter of the Jolie-Pitt kids designed the pieces of her collection in collaboration with the renowned jeweler, Robert Procop, who in 2012 also worked with her mother, Angie, on her line “Style of Jolie.” Did you know that Robert was also the person who designed the 16-carat engagement ring Brad Pitt gave Angelina?

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But, following in her mother’s footsteps, Zahara, is not only a young visionary, but she also has a charitable soul. That’s because the "Zahara Collection", which will include pieces of quartz and pink sapphire, will benefit the LA charity foundation, "House of Ruth Shelters", responsible for providing support for women and children who are victims of physical abuse. Isn’t that amazing?!

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Zahara is growing up to be a great girl! What do you think of Zahara Jolie-Pitt? Do you think she will ever contact her biological mother? Or maybe she’s already done that privately? Let's talk about that in the comments and

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