Published 2021-03-16
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Saint Padre Pio Prophecized Facebook Shutdown In 1957!

When Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram out of nowhere went down for several hours not long ago some people began panicking. For some, the disappearance of social media meant that they would be left without an income. Yet others saw this as a confirmation that Father Pio’s prophecy about the end of the world, which some claim is supposed to happen this year! Throughout his life, there were many prophecies that the Capuchin friar had allegedly said though the most famous ones revolve around the end of the world. What exactly did he say that made people believe that he prophecized Facebook shutdown? Read on until the very end to find out all the answers to these questions.

Padre Pio Origins

To better understand why so many had taken to this friar’s prophecy, let’s get to know him a little bit better. The man in question was born Francesco Forgione in Campania, Southern Italy, in May 1887. He was one of five siblings of small farmers and up to the age of 10, he was tasked with looking after the family’s small flock of sheep and only received three years’ education in a local public school. One big desire that young Francesco had was to join the Capuchin order (a religious order of Franciscan friars) and after educating himself more, aged 15, the young Forgione entered the order taking on the name of Fra Pio. Once he became a novice, he had suffered various illnesses that some had interpreted as inexplicable phenomena such as religious ecstasy and levitation. After his ordination, he was sent to the Capuchin community in the province of Foggia in Puglia. Besides a period of military service with the medical corps in Naples during the first World War, Pio had spent the rest of his life in the town of San Giovanni Rotondo. Read on to find out what this friar, who was canonized in 2002, was famous for.

Padre Pio’s Stigmata

One of the most famous things about Pio was his stigmata. For those of you who might not be aware, in Christianity, stigmata is the appearance of bodily wounds, scars, and pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ, such as the hands, wrists, and feet. In the case of Padre Pio, they had first appeared on his body in September 1918 and lasted until the end of his life. As it was reported, they didn’t get better or worse throughout his life and some had claimed that the blood coming from them smelled like perfume. However, Italian historian Sergio Luzzatto claimed that he has evidence that Pio deliberately mutilated himself with acid to give the appearance of bearing the stigmata of Christ, as evidenced by an alleged letter to a pharmacist in which the Capuchin monk wrote that he was in need of carbolic acid.

Padre Pio - Miracles

While some claimed that Padre Pio was a fraud many more sought his counsel and help. Those close to him had testified that he displayed extraordinary abilities such as healing, bilocation, prophecy, and performing miracles. There had been many stories about Pio’s visions where for example a deceased person appeared to him and asked for a mass to be performed in their name. Many had also claimed to have been healed by the Saint such as an elderly man who walked using two canes who allegedly after meeting with Pio was able to walk by himself again.

Padre Pio - Bilocation

One of the other most famous allegations going around the man had the ability of bilocation which meant that he was in two places at once. The Capuchin friar often used this gift to help the needy even in the most remote parts of the world. He claimed that the moment he went to sleep at his monastery, his day of bilocation would immediately begin. One of the most famous stories was that he used his gift during WWII to deter enemy fighter jets, making them change their route, therefore saving San Giovanni Rotondo from enemy bombs. Though it was his prophecies that had everyone talking. Read on to find out what they were.


Father Pio Prophecy

However the most famous thing that Padre Pio was known for was his prophecies. It had even been alleged by an Austrian Cardinal, Alfons Stickler that when John Paul II went to meet with Pio, while he was still a priest the Italian saint told him that one day he would ascend to “the highest post in the church, thought further confirmation is needed”. Stickler believed that the late John Paul II believed it came true when he became cardinal himself. And while that is just one example of stories about Padre Pio’s gifts, there are many that claim the Saint had prophecized something about their lives.

Father Pio - End of The World

Many religions across the world believe in the apocalypse. That one day, for different reasons, there will come a prophecized end of the world. Many around the world had also claimed to have knowledge via visions about when that day will come. Father Pio was one of them. The friar from Pietrelcina also foretold the future fate of the world and the day of the final judgment. One of the most famous of his visions had taken place on January 15th, 1957 and allegedly the apocalyptic vision lasted three days and three nights and it was alleged that Jesus Christ had appeared to him.

Father Pio - Apocalypse Is Going On Now?

It was alleged that everything will begin with a storm and fiery rain. Earthquakes and downpours will follow one after another. The night will be very cold, the wind will rumble and the thunder will follow. As it was further reported, angels of peace will be sent to the earth and will bring the spirit of peace with them. However, the punishment beforehand will be incomparable to any other. This prophecy also went on to say that villages and towns will die as a result of the floods, New York will perish. Though it’s not all bleak because according to Padre Pio’s prophecy Scotland will be saved as well as Reisten, Augsburg, Vienna, and countries south of the Danube will not be affected by the war. Given the recent climate goings-on in the world, some believe that this vision has already begun to come true, as they believe that more and more meteorites are being spotted on earth and that the year 2020 has begun the apocalypse due to the fact that in the past 12+ months the earth has been hit with numerous fires, earthquakes, floods and of course, the COVD-19 pandemic. But there is another part that people believe came true, read on to find out.

Facebook Shut Down

As some of you might be aware just before noon (EDT) on Monday, October 4th Facebook and its various platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp went offline, in an outage that was experienced all over the world. The outage had lasted several hours and not only made it impossible for the company’s 3 billion-plus users to access their sites, but it also impacted internal systems for employees who were unable to access it to try and fix whatever it was that happened. The company did offer an explanation, in the end, claiming that the outage was a result of a configuration change to its routers yet the damage had already been done as Facebook stocks fell by 5% which roughly translated to around $7 billion in cash. Though for some, this crash might have been more prophetic than many had given it credit.

Padre Pio Origins

Facebook Shut Down - Part Of The Prophecy?

While influencers around the world trembled in fear that they might lose their source of income, according to many devotees the event had resembled the so-called “three days of darkness” that were foretold by Padre Pio, and so they believe that already back in 1957 the Italian saint had foretold the shutdown of social media. Though critics had pointed out that a six-hour outage hardly resembles those three days of darkness, while others suggested that it might even be the sign and confirmation of the apocalypse. Though there had been others who seemed to also predict this Facebook outage. This time by a Polish clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowski who many months ago predicted that in August or autumn there will be a great crisis that will have its beginning in the United States.

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