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This is why January borns are simply the best

1. January born are the funniest!

January borns are so funny that you’ll always want to be around them. They are the wittiest of all months. Sometimes they can be quite sarcastic as well, and people sometimes do get offended. But if you know a person born in January, you’ll know that they never intend to hurt anyone, and it’s all meant to be in good fun.

2. People aspire to be like them

People born in January will often come across as bossy because they tell people what to do and what not to do. So this allows them to stand out in a large crowd. This trait may not sound like it’s good, but as long as they don’t overdo it people will continue to like and aspire to be like them. Since they have this trait, it makes them look quite confident as well.If you know a January born you know the next trait is true.
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3. Bold and alert, they do everything on their own

Although doing things on their is a very good thing, sometimes they refuse to accept any help from others. It’s only because they think that they can take on anything without anyone’s help. They think of them as the best and believes that no one else can do something as good as them or even better. They hardly even trust anyone else to do the work.

4. They are born mature, but become younger with age

“Young at heart” has never been more perfect for people born in January. However, when it comes to their looks, they don’t try too hard. We’re not sure what is, but they carry themselves as soon as they realize what makes them look good and the best. This is what makes them look young with age. And then everyone gets jealous.
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5. Difficulty in expressing love

People born in January are the worst people to express their feelings. So don’t expect them to. It’s not the fact that they won’t ever. They will over time. So don’t feel bad or get upset in the beginning stages of your relationship with a January born. They usually take some time to figure out what they need, but once they realize and start to love you, they’ll go all in!

6. They don’t entertain stupidity

People born in January cannot stand stupidity from others. So they respond by criticizing people. However, their criticism is carefully said so that it won’t hurt the other person. Their remarks are filled with sarcasm that they won’t even realize that they asked a very stupid question. We all are sarcastic nowadays, so we’re going to find the sense of humor in it.
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7. They’ll do anything when they’re bored

People born in January are quite spontaneous. So when they’re bored, they’ll do anything to get out of it. They have some of the weirdest and craziest ideas when it comes to ‘ways to kill boredom.’ So if you ever feel bored, or you feel like you’ve nothing to do, go hang out with a January born! Trust us when we say, you’re not going to regret it.

8. They are leaders

People born in January are born leaders. They cannot stand it if someone tells them what to do or what not to do, that’s why they’re always bossy. Most of the time, people born in January will either lead a group or nothing. They are just not interested in being part of a group, if they are, they’ll have a strong influence on the person who’s the leader.
The last two traits has never been more accurate!

9. They are a lot of fun

January borns are quite the party animals. And very adventurous too. They’ll never have a “time” for partying or going out on an adventure because they can do it all the time! That’s the reason why they’re always very spontaneous and takes quick decisions without thinking twice. But if you’re looking to spice up your life with some fun and adventure, hang out with a January born!

10. They don’t show their wild sides to everyone

People born in January only reveal their true selves to people they are most around. They even change their behaviors according to the people they hang out with, so it’s often mistaken for split personality disorder. But it’s not. They are a mix of everything good, they are strong, funny, ambitious, not to forget, sarcastic too. So if you're lucky and have a January born in your life, go thank them! They'll be surprised!
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Chaahat Nagpal
Chaahat Nagpal 2/15/17, 7:14 AM
Kunal Chauhan hifive✋
Garima Mor
Garima Mor 2/11/17, 7:12 AM
Yeh toh majak ho gaya
Siddhant Rathore
Siddhant Rathore 2/7/17, 7:11 AM
Flatter yourself boys! Amit Ankit Umang
Palak Verma
Palak Verma 2/6/17, 7:11 AM
Tere samajne se kya hota h Capricorn main hu pr january born nai .
Shubhankar Choube
Shubhankar Choube 2/6/17, 7:11 AM
January wale cool hote hai....firse soch le ek baar
Palak Verma
Palak Verma 2/6/17, 7:11 AM
I am cool with December 31st
Richa Shukla
Richa Shukla 2/5/17, 7:11 AM
Ya I do make things in my mind like how happy I will bd when you will be murdered
Konark Bhardwaj
Konark Bhardwaj 2/5/17, 7:11 AM
So sweet of you for thinking about me getting murdered, you deserve a high five in the face with chair made of steel from hulk on adrenaline rush.
Richa Shukla
Richa Shukla 2/5/17, 7:11 AM
Konark Bhardwaj
Konark Bhardwaj 2/5/17, 7:11 AM
I didn't had to think about if and if u think that the time visible there is the time the other person took to think about that reply then you thought for 6-7 hrs just to reply "and you're the jealous one!"
Naaz ANsari
Naaz ANsari 2/5/17, 7:11 AM
Faiz ,Armaan ,Sweety . N m so special born on 1st Jan....Happy b'day to all of us born in Jan
Sankalp Pandey
Sankalp Pandey 2/4/17, 7:10 AM
Swaraj Anand bhai bhai
Vedanshi Khatter
Vedanshi Khatter 2/4/17, 7:10 AM
I was not born in January
Vimanyu Rajvedi
Vimanyu Rajvedi 2/4/17, 7:10 AM
Maine apne liye bataya tha XD
Vedanshi Khatter
Vedanshi Khatter 2/4/17, 7:10 AM
Mai kyu padhu ki tu great h? XD
Ankit Khandelwal
Ankit Khandelwal 2/4/17, 7:10 AM
Ohh padhna bhi tha :D
Rahul Gautam
Rahul Gautam 2/4/17, 7:10 AM
Acha laga ye Sab padh ke..Sach me awesome hai hum :D
Abhishek Kapoor
Abhishek Kapoor 2/4/17, 7:10 AM
Atharv Nandan Singh Tarun Garg Harshdeep Jaggi Harsh Gangwar Dhruv Agarwal Pushkar Pandey..........
Soojai Chettri
Soojai Chettri 2/4/17, 7:10 AM
13th jan unlucky number
Aditi Chauhan
Aditi Chauhan 2/4/17, 7:09 AM
Himanshi Khandelwal dekh le...kadar kr lya kr mre...
Himanshi Khandelwal
Himanshi Khandelwal 2/4/17, 7:09 AM
krti hu yr tu toh jaaan hain mere
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