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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt - For Angelina's Daughter It Was Only A Phase?!

If there are any kids that never fail to make headlines it’s always the children of celebrities. And especially the children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Though even among them there has been one who would be more likely to be more talked about than their siblings and that is the pair’s oldest biological child Shiloh who had been making headlines since she was a small child. But how has is Brangelina’s 14-year-old daughter shocking fans of Angie and her family, with her new look? Has this been a phase for the young teen that she has now grown out of? And could it be she will follow in her mother’s footsteps? Read on to find out more about this Jolie-Pitt child!

Not A Moment of Peace!

Now even if you’re not a fan of Pitt, Jolie, or their children you surely would have seen plenty of photos of them with their children in the media because every time they make an appearance at red carpets or even as much as stepping out to go do some shopping or grab something to eat, the media goes crazy. Even if it’s just a blurry paparazzi shot of them leaving a restaurant. And considering that for a long time Brad and Angie were seen as the iconic, Hollywood power couple, it is no surprise the media and people were eager to know more about their personal lives.

Not A Moment of Peace!

All Attention On Shiloh!

And certainly, one that has always been getting a lot of media attention has been Shiloh. Even since she was a child she would dress as a boy to the point that seeing her with short hair wearing shirts, trousers, and tracksuits became the norm and one look that people came to expect from the kid. Later on, as she got a bit older, her look changed a bit more, to a full-on androgynous chic style.

Constant Criticism!

Though as it tends to be in the world of celebrities every single action and decision is put under the microscope of tabloids and gossipers and thoroughly examined and criticized by people who had probably never even been anywhere near the people involved yet ones who claim that they know better. We are sure many of you are very much aware of the fact that the Jolie-Pitt way of raising their kids always caused some controversy with many people claiming that Angelina was forcing her daughter to dress like a boy and some even went as far as claiming that even before Shiloh had been born, Jolie had decided she would raise her as a boy.

All Attention On Shiloh!

Brad Breaks Silence!

To stop the gossip and speculations, which weren’t always worded very nicely, both of her parents would speak about this in interviews to explain the situation and as a way to give some glimpse into it for their loyal fans who had always been eager to know more. Famously in a 2008 interview with Oprah, Brad had opened up about them raising their child and had said that Shiloh wanted to be called John or Peter. He claimed that it was a Peter Pan thing. And so since then, some people in the media have either been calling Jolie-Pitt by either of those names. Though since then nothing more has been said on that matter so we don’t know whether it is something that they had stuck with or not.

Constant Criticism!

Angelina Explains It All!

Then two years Angelina spoke with Vanity Fair and confirmed that Shiloh had been ‘exploring gender since age three’ though the reason that she gave was that she wanted to be a boy as she thinks that she is one of her brothers. Here referring to her two adopted brothers Madox and Pax. It seemed that for the parents the most important thing was that their children get to express themselves in whatever way they feel comfortable without having too many norms and society rules put onto them.

LGBTQ+ Icon?

As you might be aware since then many have been calling the young child and now teen an ‘LGBT icon’ due to the fact that as far as the public was aware she was trans. Though the important thing here is to note that this is not something that either Pitt or Jolie had said. They did mention that their daughter wanted to be a boy and wanted to go by a boy’s name but never specifically said she was trans. Though they had fully supported her and let her dress how she wanted and allowed her to come to these decisions herself. And while that is how the public came to think of Shiloh over the years there had not been many updates in interviews from her parents about how she was doing whether she still saw herself as a boy or not. What most people remembered was said when she was still quite young and had a lot of time and freedom to be herself.

Brad Breaks Silence!

They're Just Clothes!

Although the main basis and confirmation, if you will, to the public that Shiloh still identified as a boy was the way that she had dressed. As we mentioned above she did dress quite masculine and fans didn’t really get to see her wearing girly clothes. But let’s be honest, is there anything wrong with dressing comfortably? Here it is worth noting that people had been dressing in clothes of the opposite gender for years without thinking of themselves as being trans. And quite a number of celebrities had been doing that for a while. Recently the most talked about the person who has been ‘breaking barriers’ as some have said, has been Harry Styles. Most famously his famous Vogue cover in which he wore a dress. This did spark outrage from some people but it also sparked a debate about the singer himself. In an interview, he explained that when you take away the labels such as ‘men’s clothing and ‘women’s clothing’ it opens up a world to a whole new creative prospect. But he has never said that he identifies as a woman or as non-binary. The same can be said for actor Robert Sheehan who is most known for his role as Klaus in Umbrella Academy. Just like Styles, he too dresses how he wants in both women’s and men’s clothes, and for him to it is not a reflection of his gender or sexuality.

A New Look!

The photographs released at the start of the year, how Angelina, Zahara, and Shiloh out shopping it was the 14-year-old that has caught everyone’s attention and had people talking! Many people went through transformations during quarantine and it seems that Brangelina’s oldest biological child has been no different! First of all, from the pictures it is clear to see that she had definitely shot up in the height department. The short hair that so many fans had grown accustomed to seeing her wear has been replaced with long hair, which was up in a bun. Though there are photos back from September last year when Angie was spotted shopping with Vivienne, who also previously had short hair, and Shiloh and already then their hair was starting to grow out.

New Wardrobe?!

And where her clothes are concerned many had noted that she has started to dress more feminine. Though we’re not going as far as skirts or dresses, while the clothing is just a black hoodie with denim shorts and converse trainers it is a contrast to how she had dressed previously in trousers, shirts, and blazers. Though if she was sporting shorts that can also be attributed to the weather.

Confusion All Around!

Since in recent times not many news was shared about the Jolie-Pitt kids, many fans were surprised to see Shiloh’s new look and some are even confused and wondered whether identifying as a boy and dressing in masculine clothes might have been a phase for the then-young child who might have been then influenced by her two older brothers, since as we had mentioned previously, Angie said she wanted to be like them.

An Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree!

As the saying goes, an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. When she was younger Angelina herself was described to dress a bit like a tomboy which is a huge contrast to how the Hollywood star looks like now and how she has been many times before labeled as one of Hollywood’s most attractive stars. Thus many are thinking that just like her mother, Shiloh had been going through a phase from which she is starting to grow out of now.

Angelina Explains It All!

Silence From The Jolie-Pitts!

Though until Brad, Angelina, or maybe even the kids themselves speak out, we will never know for sure how Sihloh feels or how she sees herself. It seems that in recent times, especially since their divorce Brad and Angelina had become a bit more private where their children are concerned, though that is not to say that they haven’t spoken about them at all. This could potentially be due to the ongoing custody battle between the two Hollywood icons and them wanting to protect their children and their privacy as much as possible so if fans are waiting to find out some updates about Shiloh and how she identifies and sees herself, they might have to wait a little longer.


So, what are your thoughts on Shiloh’s image change? Do you think her dressing like a boy and identifying as one when she was younger was a phase influenced by her brothers and one she has grown out of? Are you surprised by her new look?

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LGBTQ+ Icon?
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