Published 2021-09-17
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Remains Of Ata 'The Alien Mummy' Proof Of UFO's Existance?!

Nearly two decades ago UFO enthusiasts were all celebrating the proof that aliens existed after rumors that someone had found a tiny mummified alien in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile were confirmed. And soon Ata, as it came to be known, had become famous in its own right especially after a documentary featuring this mummy was released in 2013. But what if the story of this alleged extraterrestrial being was much more tragic? What did a group of scientists discover about this ‘alien’ in 2018? How old is this tiny mummy and what are its origins? And what never been documented before mutations did researchers discover on its body? Make sure to read until the very end to find this shocking yet sad story of Ata.

Tiny Alien Mummy - Desert Discovery

It was in 2003 that an amateur collector exploring a ghost town had come across a white cloth in a leather pouch in a remote and desolate town in Chile’s Atacama desert. To his surprise, inside he found a six-inch-long skeleton. And that was enough to make conspiracy theorists go crazy with claims that aliens were real!

Tiny Alien Mummy’s Shocking Appearance

Despite its small size what scientists had later remarked on was that the skeleton was remarkably complete. And while it could have been dismissed as a skeleton of a human there were certain anomalies that made many think that its origins were out of this world. Instead of having the usual 12 ribs, this mummy had 10 but it was the giant eye sockets and an elongated skull that ended in a point that had everyone talking!

Tiny Alien Mummy Documentary

The tiny mummy which came to be known as Ata, short for the desert in which it was found, ended up in a private collection after the person who found her allegedly sold her for 30,000 Chilean pesos, which would be around $38. However, thanks to a UFO documentary in 2013 titled Sirus, which had featured the skeleton, the rumors about this being a being that came from a different planet continued. However, a team of scientists had a completely different explanation for the existence of the tiny mummy, though a much sadder one. Make sure to read on to find out the full story of Ata!

Tiny Alien Mummy - Desert Discovery

Scientists Get Involved In Tiny Mummy Case

Soon as Ata’s case gained more and more popularity, it caught the attention of Dr. Garry P. Nolan of Stanford University in 2012 after he had heard of the then-planned documentary. He contacted the mummies then-owner Barcelona entrepreneur Ramon Navia-Osorio and offered to examine its DNA. Navia-Osorio agreed and sent X-ray images as well as bone marrow samples.

Tiny Alien Mummy Not Really An Alien

As the team of scientists got to work on the DNA samples they soon realized that Ata might have come from a little bit closer to home than from outer space. As their research revealed the mummy was not an alien but a human and after they reconstructed much of her DNA they found out she was a girl who was most closely related to indigenous Chileans but that she also had some European ancestry and while they can’t tell exactly when she lived, they suggest that it was sometime after Chile was colonized in the 1500s, however, the fragments of her DNA suggest she is less than 500 years old and could even be a few decades old. But that is not the only baffling thing about the mummy so read on to find out more!

Ata’s Tragically Short Life

Another thing that baffled Dr. Nolan’s team was that despite being the size of a fetus and the length of a pen, some of Ata’s bones were as developed as those of a 6-year-old. An expert on hereditary bone diseases at Stanford University had examined the remains and discovered that her symptoms did not match any known disease to humans! He had reasoned that she might have had mutations of a condition that had never been described or heard of before, and which could have caused her skeleton to mature quickly even while it didn’t grow at its normal rate. Another member of Dr. Nolan’s team had speculated that such a disorder would have caused the child to be stillborn or die shortly after being born.

Tiny Alien Mummy’s Shocking Appearance

Ata Could Help Others?

The research team had also highlighted that understanding what happened to Ata could shed some light on skeletal deformities that we can see today. Especially as Dr. Nolan has heard stories about similar skeletons in other parts of the world, adding that if he was able to examine them he might have been able to discover some of these mutations in their DNA as well. Though despite these possibilities he believed that evidence required that the mummy be returned to Chile for proper treatment as human remains. But back in Chile, the case had already caused quite a great stir so read until the end what had happened!

Tiny Alien Mummy Documentary

Ata Controversy In Chile

The study on Ata caused great outrage in Chile and many had called it unethical. The country’s government has questioned the legality of the work conducted and according to the government agency Chilean National Monuments Council the skeleton might have been illegally exhumed and smuggled out of the country. Cristina Dorado a Chilean biologist had called the speculations about the girl “cruel and tragic”.

Scientists Get Involved In Tiny Mummy Case

Ata - Scientific Research Or A Crime?

Dorado also added that given that Ata could only be a few decades old, her family could still be alive and “forced to relive events from 40 years ago”. She also claimed that no attention was paid to important ethical issues by a team of leading scientists who had done research on an illegally obtained human infant without any legal permission. As per an article by the New York Times, an investigation on the matter was underway.

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