Published 2021-09-17
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Remains Of Ata 'The Alien Mummy' Proof Of UFO's Existance?!

Tiny Alien Mummy’s Shocking Appearance

Despite its small size what scientists had later remarked on was that the skeleton was remarkably complete. And while it could have been dismissed as a skeleton of a human there were certain anomalies that made many think that its origins were out of this world. Instead of having the usual 12 ribs, this mummy had 10 but it was the giant eye sockets and an elongated skull that ended in a point that had everyone talking!

Tiny Alien Mummy Documentary

The tiny mummy which came to be known as Ata, short for the desert in which it was found, ended up in a private collection after the person who found her allegedly sold her for 30,000 Chilean pesos, which would be around $38. However, thanks to a UFO documentary in 2013 titled Sirus, which had featured the skeleton, the rumors about this being a being that came from a different planet continued. However, a team of scientists had a completely different explanation for the existence of the tiny mummy, though a much sadder one. Make sure to read on to find out the full story of Ata!

Tiny Alien Mummy’s Shocking Appearance
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