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Published 2021-09-17
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Was Spinalonga The Leper Island A Terrifying Colony Of Real Zombies?

Spinalonga - A Laprosarium

The authorities of Crete decided that due to its location, it would be perfect as a leprosarium, a secluded settlement for lepers. It was the last camp of this type established in Europe and for over 50 years of operation, it became a home for thousands of patients. It was supposed to be a quiet place where the infected would be treated, qualified medical personnel would watch over their fate, and even a chance to create a real community of people affected by leprosy. However, it soon turned out that Spinaloanga was nothing more than a prison from which there was no escape.

Spinalonga - Start Of The Colony

But let's go back to Spinalonga. From the moment the colony was opened in 1903, there were several hundred people in a small area. Those were the times when there was no cure for leprosy, and the sick were persecuted and thrown out of the social margin. The cause of the infection was unknown, and it was even believed that the disease was nothing more than a biblical punishment for their sins. Such beliefs were born as early as the Middle Ages when lepers lost almost all rights. They were called the living dead, forced to leave their families and wear rags to cover their bodies, on which there were visible signs of disease. A characteristic symptom of the infection were ulcers that healed with difficulty, deformation of limbs and facial features, as well as blindness.

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