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Published 2021-09-17
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Was Spinalonga The Leper Island A Terrifying Colony Of Real Zombies?

Spinalonga - The Reality Of The Island

The colony lacked basic medications, painkillers, or disinfectants. Moreover, there were no doctors who were theoretically supposed to live in Spinalonga, but in practice, they came by ships from the mainland to occasionally visit the sick. Suppliers of food and goods decided to travel to the colony only for a high fee, otherwise, no one would risk their health. Even the families of the infected rarely came to visit because of the terrifying stories circulating about the island. The only healthy inhabitants were therefore the guards, and since they were usually recruited from among convicts and ex-criminals, there was more than one instance of persecution and abuse of the sick.

Spinalonga - Things Only Slightly Improved

This ultimately contributed to the rebellion of the inhabitants, thanks to which the brutal guards were removed by the authorities of the leprosarium. With time, even more, sick people from various parts of Greece began to reach the camp, but because among them there were, among others, the educated and wealthy people of Athens, the island was slowly changing. The possibility of opening shops and cafes was fought, the conditions in residential houses were improved, and the first temples were even built. The first primitive hospital with staff was established in 1937, over 30 years after the colony was established. Over time, the inhabitants created their own community, whose members even got married, but one of the most dramatic practices was taking their children from them as soon as it turned out that they were born healthy. Journalists reaching the island quickly discovered that its inhabitants, despite the introduced amenities, still could only count on a bit of normality. Many patients still had no access to medical care, there was no shortage of neglect, and the dead were buried in nameless graves. Food was scarce and crops were hard to come by on the sandy soils.

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