Published 2021-09-17
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Gabby Petito Cause Of Death Revealed! Charges Against Brian Laundrie Changed?

The case of Gabby Petito has been one that the entire country was closely following, checking for any updates, offering their thoughts on what happened, and finding other ways they could help. Many had hoped that they would be able to find the 22-year-old blogger alive but those hopes soon vanished as it was reported that they had found her body in the Grand Teton National Park. What followed was an avalanche of questions, what happened, who was involved, what was the motive, and why did her boyfriend Brian Laundrie disappear. Though now some answers have been answered as the coroner had released the cause of death to the public. What exactly happened and what is the latest news with regards to Laundrie?

Gabby Petito - Cause Of Death

When the body of Petito was discovered at the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area of Bridger–Teton National Forest in Grand Teton National Park everyone wanted to know what the cause of death was. Was it accidental, suicide, or homicide? While the police had continued with their investigation the FBI had revealed that she had lost her life as a result of homicide though at the time they gave no updates as to what exactly happened. Until Tuesday, October 13th, where coroner, Dr. Brent Blue, at a press conference, had finally revealed to the public that Gabby’s body was found in a campsite with signs of strangulation. He had also reported that her remains had been “outside in the wilderness for three to four weeks” prior to her being discovered on September 20th. Though there were many things that he would not reveal such as if an item was used to kill her or what the results of her toxicology report were, though he did at that at the time of her passing, the 22-year-old was not pregnant. The question everyone has been asking is, was Gabby another victim of domestic violence? Read on to find out...

Gabby Petitio - Domestic Violence?

Of course now that the cause of death has been made public everyone wants to know who is responsible for it. Many claim, that all signs point to Laundrie and domestic violence. Even Dr. Blue himself in the press conference had touched upon that saying, “Unfortunately, this is only one of many deaths around the country of people who are involved in domestic violence”. Where this news and Laundrie were concerned internet users weren’t surprised as they pointed out that when the pair was in Utah, in Moab country, where they got pulled over by officers when concerned witnesses called the law enforcement alleging domestic violence. Officer Melissa Hulls, in an interview with Desert News, had said that when the two were pulled over she warned Petito that her and Laundrie’s relationship had the markings of a “toxic” one, adding that to this day she feels like she could have done more. Though the topic of domestic violence isn’t an easy one and at times it can be difficult to break away and if you want to know more about that then click here to check out our previous article. Though right now everyone wants to know if anything has changed with regards to Brian.

Brian Laundrie - Arrest Warrant Change?

With the words of the coroner and the cause of Petito’s death internet users are convinced that Laundrie is the one behind her passing. Those closely following the case will know that on September 13th, Laundrie had left his home with just a backpack and, as his parents told the police, headed into the Carlton Reserve in Florida not far from where he was living. Even prior to the autopsy results being made partially public, a federal arrest warrant was issued for the 23-year-old. Though he was only named as a person of interest in his girlfriend’s disappearance and the charge has been with regards to fraudulently using a bank card to obtain $1,000 in cash after Gabby’s death. This all means that the warrant only allows authorities to take him into custody and that he has not been accused of a crime relating to Ms. Petito’s death. With the recent news coming out about a body being found in North Carolina is there a link to Laundrie?

Brian Laundrie - Not Dead

While many believe that Laundrie is in the Carlton Reserve area, there had been plenty of reports of sightings of the wanted man all over America and even some in Canada. The most recent one came over the weekend when an unidentified body was found beneath the Yadkin Valley Overlook near the Blue Ridge Parkway led to wide speculation online that it was Laundrie. Especially since there had been alleged sightings of him in the North Carolina area. However, the FBI had revealed that the body found near the scenic overlook is not the Florida fugitive.

Brian Laundrie - Still In The Carlton Reserve?

Given that Brian’s parents had told police that their son had left for the Carlton Reserve, that is where the focus of the search for him has been. The reserve is a 25,000-acre nature reserve near the family’s home that features waist-high water, snakes, and alligators. Besides the many dangerous animals, it was also reported by a survival expert that about 75% of the reserve is covered in water, which would certainly make the search more difficult. Everyone has been most eager to find the man in question that even Dog the Bounty Hunter has joined the search. While it was recently reported that due to an ankle injury Dog would pull out of the search, in light of the cause of death being revealed, he will be staying on and also made claims that he reckons that Brian had called his parents after he killed her and that they told him to come back to the Sunshine State. To that, the family’s lawyer, Steven Bertolino, told the Sun that the parents would not comment on Chapman’s claims. But could there have been some red flags about Laundrie before? Read on to find out.

Brian Laundrie - Alleged Red Flags?

The talk of domestic violence also had many internet users turn to an interview that Petito’s friend from Florida had done with the Daily Mail and the things she revealed about Brian. While the couple’s friends in Long Island only had positive things to say about them, Rose Davis who was Petito’s best friend in Florida spoke with the Daily Mail and told a completely different story. She told the publication that to her knowledge she was the 22-year-old blogger’s only friend in the Sunshine state not because she wasn’t able to make them but because her boyfriend didn’t allow her to. Davis even alleged that Laundrie once took Gabby’s ID so that she couldn’t go out with her friend. She also alleged that Gabby told her he had ‘episodes’ where he would hear things and voices and wouldn’t sleep which caused Petito to stay with Davis just to get a breather.

Brian Laundrie - Petito’s Father Thinks He’s Guilty

It’s not just the internet that believes that Laundrie is guilty. Most recently the Petito family had appeared on Dr. Phil where her father Joseph had some strong things to say. He slammed the Laundrie family for their silence and lack of support. Gabby’s mother had said that she believes his family knows more than they are letting on and FOX 13 also reported that the family believes the Laundries know where Brian is and are hiding him. Mr. Petito had gone on to call the entire family cowards for not doing anything, adding that he is angry as he knows the last person who was with his daughter but he can’t point fingers until they know for sure. And given that Brian is missing, without him it would be difficult to find anything out. But have the Laundries started cooperating? Read on to find out!

Brian Laundrie - Sister Speaks Out

While everyone wants Laundrie to be found and for some serious questions to be answered it seems that even his sister wants the same thing. Cassie appeared on Good Morning America where she had said that she does not know where her brother is but that if she did, she would turn him in. Throughout this entire search, internet users had suspected that his parents had something to do with it, helping him. This was something that Cassie had also touched upon when she expressed her frustration at the situation, not denying that their parents had nothing to do but just adding that she had no idea whether they were involved. Through the interview, she had also appealed to Brian to just come forward and help them out of the mess.

Brian Laundrie - Dad To Help In Search?

he search for Laundrie still continues out in the Carlton Reserve, which has been closed off to the public, and recently it was reported by CNN that police had found remnants of a campsite that appeared to have recently been used. They had also revealed that Brian’s father, Chris, was asked to show law enforcement the trials that his son was known to use and in general help them in the search for his son in the area.

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Brian Laundrie Body Found! His Death Creates More Questions In Gabby Petito Case.
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