Published 2021-09-17
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Gabby Petito Cause Of Death Revealed! Charges Against Brian Laundrie Changed?

Gabby Petitio - Domestic Violence?

Of course now that the cause of death has been made public everyone wants to know who is responsible for it. Many claim, that all signs point to Laundrie and domestic violence. Even Dr. Blue himself in the press conference had touched upon that saying, “Unfortunately, this is only one of many deaths around the country of people who are involved in domestic violence”. Where this news and Laundrie were concerned internet users weren’t surprised as they pointed out that when the pair was in Utah, in Moab country, where they got pulled over by officers when concerned witnesses called the law enforcement alleging domestic violence. Officer Melissa Hulls, in an interview with Desert News, had said that when the two were pulled over she warned Petito that her and Laundrie’s relationship had the markings of a “toxic” one, adding that to this day she feels like she could have done more. Though the topic of domestic violence isn’t an easy one and at times it can be difficult to break away and if you want to know more about that then click here to check out our previous article. Though right now everyone wants to know if anything has changed with regards to Brian.

Brian Laundrie - Arrest Warrant Change?

With the words of the coroner and the cause of Petito’s death internet users are convinced that Laundrie is the one behind her passing. Those closely following the case will know that on September 13th, Laundrie had left his home with just a backpack and, as his parents told the police, headed into the Carlton Reserve in Florida not far from where he was living. Even prior to the autopsy results being made partially public, a federal arrest warrant was issued for the 23-year-old. Though he was only named as a person of interest in his girlfriend’s disappearance and the charge has been with regards to fraudulently using a bank card to obtain $1,000 in cash after Gabby’s death. This all means that the warrant only allows authorities to take him into custody and that he has not been accused of a crime relating to Ms. Petito’s death. With the recent news coming out about a body being found in North Carolina is there a link to Laundrie?

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Brian Laundrie Body Found! His Death Creates More Questions In Gabby Petito Case.
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