Published 2021-09-17
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Gabby Petito Cause Of Death Revealed! Charges Against Brian Laundrie Changed?

Brian Laundrie - Not Dead

While many believe that Laundrie is in the Carlton Reserve area, there had been plenty of reports of sightings of the wanted man all over America and even some in Canada. The most recent one came over the weekend when an unidentified body was found beneath the Yadkin Valley Overlook near the Blue Ridge Parkway led to wide speculation online that it was Laundrie. Especially since there had been alleged sightings of him in the North Carolina area. However, the FBI had revealed that the body found near the scenic overlook is not the Florida fugitive.

Brian Laundrie - Still In The Carlton Reserve?

Given that Brian’s parents had told police that their son had left for the Carlton Reserve, that is where the focus of the search for him has been. The reserve is a 25,000-acre nature reserve near the family’s home that features waist-high water, snakes, and alligators. Besides the many dangerous animals, it was also reported by a survival expert that about 75% of the reserve is covered in water, which would certainly make the search more difficult. Everyone has been most eager to find the man in question that even Dog the Bounty Hunter has joined the search. While it was recently reported that due to an ankle injury Dog would pull out of the search, in light of the cause of death being revealed, he will be staying on and also made claims that he reckons that Brian had called his parents after he killed her and that they told him to come back to the Sunshine State. To that, the family’s lawyer, Steven Bertolino, told the Sun that the parents would not comment on Chapman’s claims. But could there have been some red flags about Laundrie before? Read on to find out.

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Brian Laundrie Body Found! His Death Creates More Questions In Gabby Petito Case.
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