Published 2021-09-20
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Woman Killed Husband With Sugar For Abuse Against Children?!

Corinna Smith - Daughters Revelation Clears It All Up

Though it was once her daughter revealed some things that had allegedly taken place in their childhood, that led to Smith connecting the dots. As the court heard, Corinna had become enraged after her daughter told her that her husband of 38-years, 80-year-old Michael Baines had prayed on her and her brother “for many years when they were children”.

Corinna Smith - Daughters Revelation Clears It All Up

Corinna Smith - Plan For Revenge

The mother of two had already planned out her revenge. She had taken a bucket from the garden in her house, she boiled as little as two kettles of water and then mixed it with three bags of sugar. This mix had made the liquid more viscous, thicker, and stickier so that it stayed on the skin and caused greater damage and that is exactly what happened. But read on to find out what Smith did next.

Corinna Smith - Plan For Revenge
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