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Professor Was Stealing Corpses Of Children And Making Dolls Out Of Them!

Anatoly Moskvin from Nizhny Novgorod has amassed a large collection of dolls in his apartment. There would be nothing strange about it if it weren't for the fact that he created them from the corpses of young women and for more than 20 years mummified about 150 bodies dug up from cemeteries. He dressed them in colorful clothes and even wedding dresses, applied makeup - all to make them look like real children's toys. The pervert became one of the darkest characters in Russia, and his story resembled a horror movie script. He is currently in a psychiatric hospital, and when was his obsession with dead children born? Why did he desecrate graves to create a house of horror?

Dolls From Girls Corpses

In November 2011, police entered the apartment of a 45-year-old resident of Nizhny Novgorod and made a horrifying discovery there. Almost 30 mummified corpses of girls and young women were found in three rooms. They were like huge dolls, nicely dressed and painted, sitting on chairs, a couch, and piles of books, seated in elegant poses. The officers could not believe their eyes, especially since the owner of the apartment was a respected professor of the local university, Anatoly Moskvin. How was it possible that he lived among corpses? Read on to find out.

Respected Professor Was Mad?

Anatoly Moskvin was known throughout Nizhny Novgorod even before the gruesome discovery of his collection of human dolls. He was an educated man, lecturer, and journalist. He traveled extensively, and accounts of these trips appeared in local newspapers. He was also particularly interested in cemeteries. He became a real expert on the subject by studying them, but his obsession also had a dark side, and for a long time no one realized that in fact, under the cover of darkness, Moskvin desecrated graves and pulled out the decomposing corpses of girls.

Dolls From Girls Corpses

Obsessed With Death

His fascination with corpses didn’t from nowhere. As a 13-year-old, the Russian experienced a shocking incident that changed his life forever. Returning from school, he met a funeral procession on his way, and the mourners grabbed him and led him to the coffin. Lying in it was the tragically deceased 11-year-old Natasha Petrova, and the young Moskvin was forced to kiss the corpse. When he did so the mother of the deceased put wedding rings on him and the corpse, and in this way, the boy married the dead girl. This macabre event caused him, as an adult man, to find no other wife and he began to walk through cemeteries fascinated by the subject of dead people.

Respected Professor Was Mad?

Desecration Of Graves

An unusual interest turned into an obsession. Because of it, Anatoly began to study Celtic culture, whose mythology often blurs the line between life and death, and in time he also earned a degree in this field. At the same time, he wandered from a cemetery to a cemetery for research purposes, taking notes and exploring the knowledge of those buried. He created scientific studies and probably no one else had such extensive knowledge of the dead as he did. In 2009 the Nizhny Novgorod region residents began to find dug graves of their loved ones. Over time, there were so many of them that the police launched an investigation. Although initially it was believed that the desecration was the work of local vandals, the officers discovered that Anatoly Moskvin was a frequent visitor to the cemeteries, and they decided to ask him some questions.

Terrifying Discovery

In November 2011, the police knocked on the professor's apartment door. When he opened it, the smell of decomposition immediately aroused the suspicions of investigators. They were right because in the apartment they found mummies made from the corpses of girls and young women. The youngest of them was 15, and the oldest was 26. The owner was immediately arrested and his case was widely publicized in the city. Other shocking details of his life also came to light.

He Mumiffied 150 Corpses

In the course of the investigation, it was established that the professor had mummified almost 150 corpses for over 20 years! In cemeteries, he searched for the graves of recently buried young girls, and before he grabbed the shovel to dig them up, he could spend the night sleeping on the grave, because then, as he claimed, he could establish mystical contact with the spirit of the deceased. Under the cover of the night he would take the excavated remains to the apartment where, on the basis of an instruction printed out from the Internet, he would perform mummification. He washed the corpses in a solution of water, soda, and salt, and if the decomposition process was already advanced, he stuffed the dead bodies with rags and put a wax mask on the face of the deceased.

Anatoly Moskvin's creepy dolls

The professor created macabre human dolls. However, he was not a necrophile and did not have sexual relations with the dead because he treated dead girls as his children. He also admitted that he was lonely and surrounded himself with bodies dug up from graves to find companionship. He believed that making dolls out of corpses could bring them back to life, and to make them feel beautiful he painted and dressed them up in different clothes. He prepared parties for them and projected fairy tales, which they "could watch" thanks to the eyes from toys inserted into their eye sockets. Each of the dolls had its own name, and because they had little music boxes sewn into their bodies, as soon as Moskvin moved them, a children's melody about bears spread around the apartment.

Obsessed With Death

Moskvin Did Not Arouse Suspicion

The bodies were crafted so well that even Anatoly's parents, who came to visit from time to time, could not guess anything. They knew that their son collected dolls, but it never occurred to them that they were really corpses. The residents of the block where the professor's apartment was located had no suspicions either. No one ever noticed that the man, who was respected every day, carried large black bags to his apartment, and the musty smell spreading through the hallway was attributed to the rotten and damp walls in the basement. Mosquin's obsession with the necropolis was also nothing surprising to his colleagues at the university. All this caused the scientist to hide his horrifying collection of corpses for a long time.

The trial of Anatoly Moskvin

Police discovered exactly 26 human dolls in Moskvin's apartment, and some of the corpses had been stored for up to 9 years. The man was charged with several dozen crimes involving the desecration of graves. In the courtroom, he told the parents of the girls who ended up as mummies in his apartment that they had abandoned their children and he had brought them to him and kept them warm. Psychiatric experts diagnosed him with schizophrenia and he was sentenced to stay in a closed ward of an insane asylum, where he remains to this day.

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