Published 2021-09-24
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Professor Was Stealing Corpses Of Children And Making Dolls Out Of Them!

Respected Professor Was Mad?

Anatoly Moskvin was known throughout Nizhny Novgorod even before the gruesome discovery of his collection of human dolls. He was an educated man, lecturer, and journalist. He traveled extensively, and accounts of these trips appeared in local newspapers. He was also particularly interested in cemeteries. He became a real expert on the subject by studying them, but his obsession also had a dark side, and for a long time no one realized that in fact, under the cover of darkness, Moskvin desecrated graves and pulled out the decomposing corpses of girls.

Respected Professor Was Mad?

Obsessed With Death

His fascination with corpses didn’t from nowhere. As a 13-year-old, the Russian experienced a shocking incident that changed his life forever. Returning from school, he met a funeral procession on his way, and the mourners grabbed him and led him to the coffin. Lying in it was the tragically deceased 11-year-old Natasha Petrova, and the young Moskvin was forced to kiss the corpse. When he did so the mother of the deceased put wedding rings on him and the corpse, and in this way, the boy married the dead girl. This macabre event caused him, as an adult man, to find no other wife and he began to walk through cemeteries fascinated by the subject of dead people.

Obsessed With Death
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