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Man Gave Birth & Breastfeeds His Baby...

Despite the rights of the LGBTQ+ community advancing in many different parts of the world, there are still many changes to be made. Especially when it comes to the trans community as there are many problems that they have to go through. Especially if they want to become parents as it can be a difficult process for them, be it legal or physical. That is why Rubén had not only decided to document his process on his social media but also via a documentary titled “Pregnant Dad”. From the start until the day he finally welcomed his child the 27-year-old would constantly keep his followers updated on the whole process. Just how difficult was the process for Rubén Castro? What difficulties did he encounter throughout his pregnancy? Make sure to read until the end to find out all about Spain’s First trans dad.

Rubén Castro - Making The News Public

The 27-year-old trans man from Madrid has had a great media impact since he made his announcement. He had first made the news public with an appearance on a Spanish television program titled Viva la Vida. Introducing himself he had said “Hello, my name is Rubén. I am 27 years old and I am pregnant.” Along with his TV appearances, Castro created an Instagram account for the sole purpose of sharing his journey through pregnancy and advertising his documentary. The account with the handle “Papá gestante” already has over 23,000 people who have eagerly been following the man's journey.

Rubén Castro - The Journey

According to his personal Instagram account, Rubén had started his testosterone hormone therapy at the beginning of 2017 and it was also later that very same year that he had changed his name and gender legally on all his documents. Sharing the happy news on his Instagram the 27-year-old had said that after 7 months of waiting, paperwork, obstacles and unpleasant situations he had finally begun legally existing. Though he had never gone further with his transition, such as having a mastectomy, than taking testosterone because since he was young he knew he wanted to have a child.

Rubén Castro - Stopping Hormone Therapy

Rubén has also been open and honest with his Instagram followers about his journey to becoming a parent. In order to try and get pregnant, after two years of hormone therapy Castro had to stop taking testosterone. He revealed that prior to undertaking the therapy he had some of his eggs frozen if his transition had made it difficult for him to get pregnant. The 27-year-old was always quick to point out that this was something that he wanted to do for a long time. After stopping to take the hormones he had to wait around 6 months to start trying to get pregnant. Make sure to read on to find out about Castro’s journey.

Rubén Castro - The Happy News

The process of getting pregnant was a long one for Rubén. Given the fact that after weaning off testosterone the doctors revealed that he would be able to get pregnant, there was no need for Castro to use his frozen eggs, as he would be able to be inseminated by donor sperm, however, a long year and a half journey was ahead of him. It took the 27-year-old 5 attempts. 3 of the attempts were not inseminated, two were negative pregnancy results and the 5th was positive. He had announced the news at the start of October 2020 via his Instagram where he was already 8 weeks pregnant.

Rubén Castro - Bureaucratic Issues

During his appearance on the Viva la Vida show, Rubén had said that he was not the first trans man in Spain living the same experience that he is but he is the first one to go public with it. He also talked about how already at 39 weeks pregnant he had to go through many bureaucratic and health obstacles. Speaking with the show’s host he said that there is a lot of ignorance, especially within the health industry. He had to go through a meeting with the Healthcare Ethics committee on top of other issues such as a civil registry. Because, despite being the one to have carried the baby, he is the father and not the mother. Make sure to stay until the very end to find out how he plans on raising the baby!

Rubén Castro - Doing It Solo?

Due to the issues that he had faced, Castro decided, as we mentioned before, that he was going to document the process of his pregnancy by creating the documentary, to show what it all is like and also because he wants to make trans people visible in a society which does not understand that it is possible for a father to carry the baby . And as that had gained him many followers, Rubén was also eager to answer any questions that they might have. One of them being, whether he was going to be a single dad. That is something the 27-year-old has confirmed, stating that he had made this decision as to him it didn’t matter if he was single or not and that he was just following his dream. Though he also had added that he is lucky to have the support of his parents and friends so in a way this is not something that he is going through alone.

Rubén Castro - The Big Day!

The big day itself was not without any troubles. His contractions had started on April 27th but despite being already painful they were not regular. It was not until the 29th that Rubén had suspected that his water broke and so he went to the hospital. However, the waters didn’t break properly and so the hospital staff had put him on antibiotics and the next day they tried to induce labour. Gradually the pain was getting much worse for the 27-year-old and after many hours, he finally asked for an epidural despite not wanting one until it was absolutely necessary. Finally after trying different positions to make sure the baby was in the correct position, on May 1st his child Luar was born. The name was chosen prior to the pregnancy as it is gender-neutral. He also has not made it public whether the child has been a boy or a girl, instead opting to use a gender-neutral term. An overjoyed Rubén had stated that while the pregnancy was the hardest yet the most desired thing that he ever had to do in his life, the real journey has just begun for him and his baby. Though it was not off to an easy start so make sure to read on to find out why.

Rubén Castro & Luar - Trouble Continues

There had been other issues that the new dad had to adjust and not just parent life and having to be up at all hours of the day and night. One of the issues that Rubén is still fighting is bureaucracy as on official papers he is listed as a mother, while on all his official documents he is a male so fighting to change is still a reality for him. Other issues have been the baby’s health. Castro has joked that he and Luar have been visiting the doctor so often, something many first-time parents surely relate to, that they should be considered VIP’s there. One of the issues involved breastfeeding, which was something that a 27-year-old wanted to experience. However, a week after being born the baby weighed the same as when they left the hospital and the doctor revealed that the newborn was not getting enough nutrients from the milk, which resulted in the dad having to do mixed feeding an alternate with formula and natural breastfeeding.

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Rubén Castro - The Documentary

While father and child are adjusting to life together there is also the matter of the documentary. Castro and the two friends helping him have set up a fundraiser, during his pregnancy, to help with getting it completed and out there. Unfortunately, they had not met their goal and as Rubén later revealed they are still working on getting it funded as getting it out there, to help break the stigma around the trans community, especially trans parents, is important to him.

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