Published 2021-09-24
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Man Gave Birth & Breastfeeds His Baby...

Rubén Castro - The Journey

According to his personal Instagram account, Rubén had started his testosterone hormone therapy at the beginning of 2017 and it was also later that very same year that he had changed his name and gender legally on all his documents. Sharing the happy news on his Instagram the 27-year-old had said that after 7 months of waiting, paperwork, obstacles and unpleasant situations he had finally begun legally existing. Though he had never gone further with his transition, such as having a mastectomy, than taking testosterone because since he was young he knew he wanted to have a child.

Rubén Castro - Stopping Hormone Therapy

Rubén has also been open and honest with his Instagram followers about his journey to becoming a parent. In order to try and get pregnant, after two years of hormone therapy Castro had to stop taking testosterone. He revealed that prior to undertaking the therapy he had some of his eggs frozen if his transition had made it difficult for him to get pregnant. The 27-year-old was always quick to point out that this was something that he wanted to do for a long time. After stopping to take the hormones he had to wait around 6 months to start trying to get pregnant. Make sure to read on to find out about Castro’s journey.

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