Published 2021-09-30
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Women In Prison - The Harsh Realities and Immoral Tragedies Behind The Bars!

Women In Prison - The Difficulties They Face

One of the biggest troubles that women face in prison includes prenatal care and feminine hygiene product allowances. In many prisons, women tend to do some jobs while serving their time, the money they earn is put into a bank account that they can then use to purchase things in the prison shop. However, the commissary prices for things such as pads, tampons, deodorant, soap, etc. are often so high that without outside help from their families or friends, the inmates are often unable to buy anything but absolute necessities and even then that proves difficult at times. And maybe while the women on Orange Is The New Black may have gotten pretty crafty with pads, according to one former inmate, they were a precious commodity. According to a bustle report, a prison in Connecticut reportedly only supplied inmates with enough sanitary pads to be able to change once a day! However, those who can’t have to face the humiliation of staining their clothing and bedsheets.

Women In Prison - Abuse They Suffer

Sexual abuse is also a big issue where women’s prisons are concerned. Such abuse can happen to anyone no matter their wealth or power but women in correctional facilities are much more vulnerable to assault than others. In one interview, talking about her time in prison, a former inmate Zarba talked about how she was surprised by how few female officers worked in the jail she was in, adding that male staff looked at when she was changing or using the bathroom. Many cases have been filed against prison guards who molested an inmate, and despite that this “cross-gender supervision” (men guardian women, and vice versa) is supposed to have been limited under existing laws it still continues. In the US, females are the victims of one-third of all sexual abuse cases committed by prison staff, despite making up just 7% of the prison population. Though sex is often used in return for certain favors as well, the most common being the sneaking in of contraband such as drugs and other abusive substances. But those are not the only issues they face, read on to find out other problems that women deal with.

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