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Freddie Mercury, why did the Queen frontman leave his entire fortune to a woman?

Freddie Mercury, the unforgettable frontman of the legendary British band Queen, lived from 1946 to 1991. He became famous not only for his outstanding voice or brilliant lyrics but also for his personal life, often filled with controversy. Freddie, described as one of the best vocalists in the history of popular music, had a true rock and roll style and even during his lifetime became a homosexual icon of the last century. Meanwhile, there was one woman who marked his existence and who, according to the singer himself, was irreplaceable. Who was that and why did Freddie leave her almost everything he had?

Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury's only girlfriend

The special woman in the life of Freddie Mercury was Mary Austin, an ordinary girl with whom the legendary musician met in his youth, specifically in the first years of the band Queen. The woman was associated with Mercury until his death and it was to her in 1991 that the singer left half of his fortune. Also, Mary Austin is the only living person who knows the Queen singer's biggest secret. What is it? Read on to find out…

Bohemian Rhapsody - Mary Austin's plot in Bryan Singer's film

The romantic and touching story of Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury, which is also featured in Bryan Singer's four Oscar-winning film Bohemian Rhapsody, began in the late 1960s when Queen guitarist Brian May and Mercury were frequent visitors to a popular London fashion store, later known worldwide as "Boutique Biba". Mary was working as a saleswoman at the store and was just 19 years old when Freddie, then a shy 24-year-old, at one point dared to ask her out.

Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury's only girlfriend

"Love of My Life" - a song for Mary Austin

Mary Austin and Freddie immediately bonded over something special. Shortly thereafter, the couple moved in together and remained in an official relationship for 6 consecutive years. Despite their mutual affection and respect, Austin felt and knew throughout this time that Mercury was not being honest with himself. However, this fact remained unconfirmed. At the time, moreover, Freddie's orientation was neither questioned nor addressed. The musician even dedicated the song "Love of My Life" to his partner. However, finally in 1976 Mercury confessed to Mary the truth about his preference and admitted that he had repeatedly cheated on her with different men.

Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin get engaged

Publically the two were still a couple, but Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury still remained friends, and the musician could always count for the girl to be close to him. Thus, when Queen gained worldwide fame and Freddie became an international star, he bought Austin a house and hired her as his personal assistant. Moreover, before he moved to the Garden Lodge mansion, the singer lived in a mansion from which he could see Mary's apartment. The musician admitted that he could not live without her and assured that he never wanted to leave the girl, whom he even called his "wife". And although he proposed back in 1973 when they were together, he and Mary never made it to the altar.

Freddie Mercury men

Even without a romantic relationship, Mary, according to Mercury himself, was the biggest support of his life. The singer admitted in an interview: "I couldn't have fallen in love with a man, in the same way, I fell in love with Mary." He referred to his friend as "the love of his life". Years later Freddie had longer and shorter relationships with different men who participated in crazy parties, full of naked boys, and all kinds of excesses. And the woman still remained his faithful friend. Freddie was even the godfather of the woman's son.

Freddie Mercury AIDS

In 1987, news came that broke the heart of more than just Mary Austin. Freddie Mercury was infected with the HIV virus. At the time, AIDS was a barely known disease whose treatment was only just being discovered. Therefore, for the few infected, there was no hope. Four years later Freddie, knowing that he was dying, wrote his last will and testament, a document that says a lot about his personality and way of thinking. According to the will, Mary received a luxury mansion worth $25 million, $9 million in the bank, and a new future.

Freddie Mercury's Will

Reportedly, Freddie's decision, aroused jealousy and anger in the members of Queen, as well as some relatives and loved ones of the singer, who did not understand why the singer left a significant part of his inheritance to a woman. Mary Austin allegedly struggles with it to this day, especially since towards the end of his life the frontman of the band Queen was involved with a hairdresser, Jim Hutton, whom he called his husband, and with whom he wore symbolic rings since gay marriage was forbidden at the time. But it was Austin herself who was the only one who got anything...

Freddie Mercury burial

Freddie Mercury died in 1991. The immediate cause of his death was fungal pneumonia caused by a weakened immune system. The frontman of the band Queen was 45 years old. In his last will, he included one more wish. Namely, Mary Austin is the only one who knows where the ashes of the musician are scattered because his wish was that no one would ever know where he is buried.

Freddie Mercury - Queen legend

Freddie Mercury left behind great songs and the legend of the band Queen does not fade away to this day. Austin, on the other hand, is currently not a public figure and very rarely gives interviews. In 2017, she removed Mercury's memorial from the fence at Garden Lodge, which was covered with inscriptions and drawings by the singer's fans. The media have written about the dissatisfaction of the musician's supporters with this decision.

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