Published 2021-10-01
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The Old Man's Gang - How Did A Group Of Pensioners Pull Of One Of The Biggest Heist In England's History?!

A perfect plan and a robbery just like in the movie

If anyone thought that the perfect plan, improbable luck, and plot twists in heist productions were overkill, they were wrong. As the story of the Retired Gang shows, life writes the best scripts! The robbers were better than the characters in the 2001 movie "Ocean's Eleven" and had a meticulously prepared plan, like the Professor and his group from the TV series "Money Heist". The real events are also reminiscent of another film, "Going in Style", starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin. This picture, just like the hit "Money Heist", was made after real events and it seems that the robbery of the Hatton Garden vault may have been an inspiration for the creators...

No one realized…

It wasn't until life returned to its normal rhythm after the holidays and people returned to their daily routines that it was realized that a massive theft had occurred in the Hatton Garden building. When the London police were notified at 8:10 a.m. on Tuesday after Easter Monday, officers found nothing but clutter, dust, and debris in the vault. Losses were difficult to estimate at first, but the robbery was quickly hailed as the burglary of the century and the largest theft ever committed in England.

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