Published 2021-10-04
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Experts Alert New TikTok Trend Endangers Health!

Eating Papaya Seeds - Maybe Not A Good Idea

As it later turned out, eating those seeds might not have been a good idea as Ramena later told her followers to definitely check with their doctor before trying anything like this. Why you might ask? Because afterward she had been experiencing really bad heartburn and she was nauseous. And while that was the extent of her troubles, deworming yourself with papaya seeds might not be the best idea. Infectious disease expert Amesh A. Adalja, MD, who spoke on this case said that there has been no shown effects of eating papaya seeds working outside of a clinical trial setting. He added that certain foods have compounds in them that might have the ability to kill certain parasites and expel them from the body, there is no data to suggest that this is something that people should go and do. Other experts have added that it is very unlikely that a person from the United States would have intestinal parasites unless they just came from a third-world country. So while the papaya deworming method might have been discouraged, other users had found different ways. But those could be more harmful so read on to find out more!



Intestinal Parasites And Depression?

Several weeks after Ramena went viral, another TikTok user Tywonna had also does the same thing once again with the topic of intestinal parasites but also linking depression into it. In the clip, she had explained how she tried to deworm herself using a parasite cleansing supplement called ParaGuard, which she found out about from other videos making rounds on the site. Tywonna told her followers that she tried it and that she had in fact pooped out worms but to her, that was not the main problem. Because they weren’t the worm themselves that had caused her to take the pills but the fact that an alleged side effect of having these parasites was...depression. Speaking in the clip she said, "It said bloating, cramping, nausea, vomiting, gas, pains, uh, and then I saw that it said depression. And it just made me think. So I've been depressed for however many years on and off, and that one time when I was gonna [makes a gesturing like she's cutting her own throat]... You mean to tell me it was from a worm?" But could worms actually cause depression? Read on to find out!

 Eating Papaya Seeds - Maybe Not A Good Idea
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