Published 2021-10-06
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Squid Game Star, Jung Ho-Yeon's Hot Debut Makes Her The Most Followed South Korean Actress!

Jung Ho-Yeon - Modeling Career

After her success on Top Model, Jung’s life changed. All of a sudden she became busy with booking for many jobs, appearing in several top fashion magazines, and hitting the runway for labels such as Louis Vuitton and in 2016 she debuted on the international runways. At this early point in her career, the actress had even dyed her hair red which ended up becoming her signature look. Her career gained such momentum that in 2015 Vogue had dubbed her as Korea’s Next Top Model. At the time the publication had dubbed her as the next Korean girl to “make a splash stateside”, which given the fact that she spent a long time outside of her native country working on her modeling career, could be argued that it came true.

Jung Ho-Yeon - Venturing Into Acting

While her life as a model might have seemed like a dream in some ways it was a little bit different for the actress. In an interview with W Korea, she admitted that what she shows on her Instagram might seem divine, but in reality, she is different than the person that she presented and revealed that she often felt lonely. This is where movies and books had come to help Ho-Yeon with her loneliness and in a way made her contemplate on a different career, as the 27-year-old said that had it not been the time she took to read and watch she wouldn’t have had turned to acting, as it was because of that past time that she had a strong desire to express how she felt through acting. And so, during the holiday season, she came back to Korea and took acting classes. It wasn’t long before Jung secured herself an acting agent and her first script arrived sooner than expected. What was the script in question? Squid Game. But it wasn’t all easy so read on to find out what the star had struggled with.

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