Published 2021-10-08
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World's Saddest Princess In Exile?! Will There Be A Divorce?

Princess Charlene Ran Away?

Though not long after her initial announcement of the extension of her trip, in an interview with South Africa’s 702 radio station, Charlene had explained that the delay in her travel was due to health complications. She explained that she had problems equalizing her ears and thanks to her doctors she found that she had a serious sinus infection, which meant she had to stay longer. The former Olympic gold medal winner had added that she would be grounded in South Africa until the end of October as she would not be able to fly above three thousand meters otherwise she would have problems with her ears. However, despite these explanations, once Prince Albert II, who is the son of American film actress Grace Kelly & Prince Rainier III, attended the Tokyo Olympics solo and adding this and the fact she missed their 10th-anniversary celebrations, it didn’t take long for the story to become international press fodder. Sources close to the couple had alleged to France’s ‘Paris Match’ that Charlene has “no intention of returning”. Around the same time, Germany’s ‘Bunte’ claimed that the Princess was househunting near Johannesburg.

Princess Charlene - South Africa

Amid the rumors, the Princess spoke out exclusively with South Africa’s Channel24 where she talked about how the time away from Monaco was difficult for her as she missed her husband and children and the fact she had to miss out on her wedding anniversary was also challenging. Speaking about her husband, however, she said: “Albert is my rock and strength. And without his love and support, I would not have been able to get through this painful time.” Though that is not to say she will be left alone without her loved ones until the end of October! As it was reported by several media outlets in August the prince and the couple’s twins, Princess Gabriella, and Hereditary Prince Jacques had traveled to visit her photos of which Charlene had shared to her official Instagram account later that month. Though make sure to read on until the very end to find out what her husband was so appalled by.

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