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A Man Volunteered To Be EATEN By A Cannibal!

"I am looking for a young, well-built man between the ages of 18 and 30 to kill and eat" - an ad with such content was posted on one of the websites by Armin Meiwes, a German computer scientist. The man dreamed of fulfilling his cannibalistic fantasies and surprisingly received many responses! In this way, he also found his victim, who actually landed on his plate. This story really happened in 2001 in Germany and still causes a lot of excitement and controversy today. How is it possible for someone to knowingly let themselves be eaten? Who was the man who ended up as Meiwes' meal? Learn about the shocking case of the Rotenburg cannibal and see what his abandoned house looks like where the unbelievable murder took place.

He wanted to taste human flesh

Armin Meiwes had a good job, enjoyed helping his neighbors, organized parties for his friends, and lived a normal and peaceful life. But there was one thing that kept him going - his dream of tasting human flesh. This desire was so strong that he started looking online for people with similar tastes. He had been waiting for this moment since he was 12 years old and had fantasized about killing and eating his friends. Why were such macabre thoughts born in the teenager's head? Read on to find out…


Armin Meiwes' Childhood

Meiwes was born in 1961 in Germany. He had a sad childhood, as his father left the family when the boy turned 8, and all parental responsibilities fell on his strict and apodictic mother. The woman was very demanding and often isolated her son from his peers, so the lonely Armin invented a fictional friend named Franky. As a 12-year-old, he began to imagine what it would be like to eat his imaginary friend, and it was then that cannibalistic desires were first born in his mind. He dreamed of eating everyone he knew because that way he believed they would never leave him.

Searching for prey to eat

For many years he suppressed his desires. It wasn't until his mother left this world and Meiwes was left alone in the family home that the desire to become a cannibal germinated in him for good. By day, he was a diligent employee of an IT company and a good neighbor who worked as a babysitter, and by night he searched the Internet to find other people interested in cannibalistic practices. That's how he came across "The Cannibal Cafe" website, where he decided to post his ad. He stated in the ad that he was looking for a young man, under 30, who would agree to be eaten, and the number of responses exceeded his wildest expectations. Did men actually dream of landing on a plate? Continue reading to find out!

He wanted to taste human flesh

Cannibal sacrifice

Many of the people who responded to the ad were just fantasists who only wanted to satisfy their dreams through messages. But there was one person who actually wanted to be eaten, and that was Berlin-based Bernd Jurges Brandes. The men, after exchanging messages, set a meeting date for March 9, 2001, and Brandes arrived at Armin's house fully aware that he would become the victim of a cannibal.

A dark fantasy fulfilled

Chilling events took place at Meiwes' home in Rotenburg and were captured on videotape. The cannibal gave Bernd sleeping pills and painkillers, and also drank alcohol. When the victim was still conscious, he asked to fulfill his last wish, which was quite shocking, because Brandes wanted to... taste his own genitals. So Armin cut off his companion's genitals with a kitchen knife, placed his weakened body in a bathtub, and started cooking. He seasoned the male genitals with garlic and pepper and fed the prepared dish to the dying Bernd.

Armin Meiwes' Childhood

The murder of Bernd Brandes

Bernd Brandes lay in the bathtub for 10 hours slowly passing away from this world while the cannibal checked every now and then to see what condition he was in. When he lost consciousness due to blood loss the torturer, not wanting to wait any longer, took his life with a sharp instrument. He then hung the dead body on hooks and divided it into smaller pieces that went into his refrigerator. Over the next ten months, he slowly consumed more pieces of Brandes' body, and his fantasies of cannibalism finally became reality.

Cannibal seeks another victim

In 2002, Armin Meiwes began looking for another person to eat. He posted his ad again on the Cannibal Cafe website, and in the posts, he also boasted that he had tasted human flesh before. This shocking confession alarmed other users of the site, who alerted police to possible criminal activity.

Searching for prey to eat

Armin Meiwes' arrest and trial

Police raided Meiwes' home in December 2002. They managed to find the remains of Bernd Brandes and parts of his body in the refrigerator. The videotape on which the entire crime was recorded was also evidence of the cannibal's guilt. Armin confessed to the murder and cannibalism, and the court gave him a prison sentence of 8 and a half years. The case reverberated in the media and there was a heated debate whether the defendant could be tried at all, given that Brandes was a voluntary victim who wanted to die. So in 2005, the case went to trial again and a new verdict was handed down, this time sentencing Armin Meiwes to life imprisonment. The man was taken to the prison in Kassel and, according to reports, converted to vegetarianism while behind bars.

Home of the cannibal from Rotenburg

A movie called Rothenburg was based on Meiwes' story, and his house, where the murder took place, remains unoccupied to this day. It has become a destination for curious dark history enthusiasts and inside you can still see the cannibal's personal belongings and the bathtub where Bernd Brandes departed this world.

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