Published 2021-10-08
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Biggest Cases Where People Tried To Globally Destroy The Internet!

Bomb To Destroy 70% Of The Web?

Even as recently as 2021 there have been plots to destroy the internet and one came from a man in Texas. Seth Aaron Pendley had allegedly planned to take out 70% of the web by destroying a data center in Virginia with an explosive. According to local media reports, the target was Amazon servers he believed were used by the FBI and CIA, as Pendley allegedly wanted to destroy ‘the oligarchy’ that currently rules the United States. As per media reports, the man was an active member of extremist websites where he went by the name of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and ritual madness. One of the forums in question was MyMilitia where he bosted about his desire to “conduct a little experiment” as well as boasting about taking a sawed-off AR rifle to the storming of the Capitol building that happened at the start of 2021 but later claimed that he left it in the car. But his plans never came to be as one of Pendley’s friends tipped off the authorities. And even if he carried out his plan it would not have destroyed the internet as the physical infrastructure is distributed across the world and backed up multiple times. The man, who pleaded guilty, faces up to 20 years in federal prison.

Bomb To Destroy 70% Of The Web?

Mirai Botnet Attacks Dyn Servers

The fact that the web is full of hackers and malware ready to cause damage to your tech is a fact known by many. Though only a few have ever caused as much damage as the Mirai botnet. This attack devastated US systems when it brought down much of the country’s internet back in October 2016. It specifically targeted the IT company Dyn, which at the time, had controlled a large amount of online infrastructure. Its assault caused an internet outage that affected major websites such as Twitter, Netflix, and CNN. The Mirai botnet, which allegedly has been named after the Mirai Nikki anime, was a sophisticated kind of cyber attack which is known as a distributed denial of service or DDoS for short. Computer servers are filled with traffic until they become overwhelmed which causes the system to shut down. It was estimated by experts that Mirai was the largest DDoS attack in history, as the hackers infiltrated a vast array of devices which included digital cameras and video players, and then forced them to attack Dyn’s servers. A year after the attack, computer security journalist Brian Krebs disclosed the name of the person he believed to be behind the malware as Paras Jha. As per media articles, the FBI had reportedly questioned him on his involvement in the October 2016 attacks, and in December 2017 Paras Jha and co-authors Josiah White & Dalton Norman entered a guilty plea to crimes relating to the Mirai botnet. According to Krebs’ article, the judge had given Paras and each of his co-defendants’ sentences of five years probation, 2,500 hours of community service, and $127,000 in fines. Jha’s sentence was later changed to remaining sequestered in his parent’s New Jersey home for the next six months and an additional 2,500 hours of community service. Additionally, he is on the hook to pay $8.6 million in restitution. Read on to find out how an entire country had no access to social media!

Mirai Botnet Attacks Dyn Servers
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