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Bretman Rock - The First Homosexual Man On The Cover Of Playboy!

Playboy covers are associated with scantily clad women, often in extremely defiant poses. However, in October 2021, readers will not see another sexy lady, but a gentleman dressed in the trademark bunny ears. It will be famed influencer Bretman Rock, who will go down in history as the first homosexual man on the cover of Playboy. The magazine shared the news via Instagram, and their decision is being widely reported in media around the world. What comments appeared under the post? Why do some think Hugh Hefner is now turning over in his grave? Who is Bretman Rock, whose nude torso adorned the cover of the most popular magazine for men? Read on and find out the details of the events of the past few days.

Playboy - the history of the erotic magazine for men

The first issue of Playboy appeared in December 1953, almost 70 years ago. It featured photos of Marilyn Monroe, a star of the time, which started a tradition of featuring famous and beautiful women in the magazine. Over the following years, Playboy reached the peak of its popularity and sold millions of copies, and its nude photos were the cause of many scandals. The magazine's founder, Hugh Hefner, did not shy away from scandals either. He always showed up in the company of ladies dressed as bunnies, became famous for his endless orgies organized in his own mansion, and was labeled the playboy of all time. Interestingly, his erotic magazine for men dropped its display of nudity in 2016. But the change was only temporary, as sales severely declined and after a few months the content returned again. The decision to put pictures of men on the cover of the magazine also did not go unnoticed, and before Bretman Rock there were two of them. Read more to find out…


Playboy - the men on the cover of the magazine

Men on the cover of Playboy did not surprise anyone when they appeared as companions and background for sexy ladies presented in the foreground. But when they started to be presented solo, it did not go unnoticed. In the history of Playboy, only three men have had the opportunity to do so. The first gentleman to appear on the magazine's centerfold was none other than founder Hugh Hefner. Then the honor went to a rapper named Bad Bunny, and in 2021 it was time for influencer Bretman Rock. Playboy just a few days ago decided to show what the cover of the magazine's latest October issue will look like, and he shared this information on his official account on Instagram.

Playboy - Bretman Rock on the cover

On the cover photo Bretman Rock is dressed in a skimpy outfit inspired by the cult Playboy bunny. He is wearing a corset that does not cover his naked torso, a bow tie around his neck, and, most importantly, the characteristic bunny ears that so far could only be seen on ladies featured in the magazine. The photo is kept in black and white and has a sensual tone. Playboy has also released other photos from the shoot, in which Rock poses in tights, tight leggings, or high-heeled shoes. All the photos were taken by a well-known photographer, Brian Ziff. And who exactly is the main character of the October issue of Playboy? Find out on the next page...

Who is Bretman Rock?

Bretman Rock is from the Philippines, where he was born on July 31, 1998. He decided to make a name for himself online by creating a YouTube account and uploading videos on various topics. He created makeup tutorials and vlogs, which have been viewed by tens of millions of Internet users so far. His videos have often gone viral and his social media accounts have gained a huge number of followers. Currently, Bretman's youtube account has about 9 million fans, and his Instagram profile has almost 18 million. Gaining such popularity was not without significance a remarkable sense of humor of the young influencer and the fact that he was perfectly suited as a comedian.

Bretman Rock - Gaining Fame

The 23-year-old with a huge range over time became interested in the MTV station, which offered him to host his own TV show. Thanks to that Rock became a media personality and a winner of several awards. He received the People's Choice Award statuette in the Beauty Influencer category and was also recognized at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. In 2019, he graced the cover of Gay Times magazine, but it wasn't until the Playboy spread that he became the hero this year that his influencer career took a huge turn. Why? Read on to find out…

Bretman Rock - the first gay man on the cover of Playboy

Bretman Rock is not the first gentleman to become the cover star of Playboy, but still, his appearance there will go down in the magazine's history. All because of the sexual orientation of the influencer, who officially admitted to being homosexual, and as a result, Bretman Rock became the first gay man on the cover of the men's magazine. The 23-year-old personally boasted about this fact on his social media. On Twitter, he posted a post that read "I'm a Playboy bunny" and a photo of himself in a costume with bunny ears and a fluffy tail. In an interview he gave to the magazine, he also admitted that "for Playboy to have a man on the cover is a nod to the LGBT community and is a big deal for the brown skin community." The influencer did not hide his excitement about this fact and even confessed that everything that is happening around him right now "is surreal".

Bretman Rock on the cover of Playboy - reactions from internet users

Bretman Rock also posted a comment about the photoshoot, which he became the protagonist of and noted that in his opinion he looks "beautiful". The cover featuring him was praised by organizations supporting the LGBT community, including GLAAD, whose representative noted that it is a huge step towards equality and acceptance. Anthony Allen Ramos supported the choice of Bretman Rock because as an influencer, he often uses social media platforms to break down barriers regarding LGBT. In his opinion, Rock inspires many other queer people to come out in media or modeling.

Bretman Rock on the cover of Playboy - criticism

A much larger group of people decided to affect Playboy's decision regarding the star for the October cover. Some internet users even wrote that Hugh Hefner, who died in 2017, is now "rolling over in his grave." One disgruntled Playboy fan wrote that the magazine's founder himself would never have agreed to such a thing. There were more critical comments. One stated that "Playboy is now Playgay, and the magazine's target audience is straight men who are unlikely to take too kindly to seeing a man on the cover.” Others stated that they were going to cancel their subscription to the magazine and never return to it.

Bretman Rock on Playboy cover - magazine defends its choice

Representatives for Playboy magazine confessed that since they posted a photo of the October cover on Instagram, there has been a slew of comments under the post. Many of them contained words of support, but "far too many were offensive." It was also reminded that similar controversies have occurred before. In 1971 similar comments were made after an African-American woman was featured on the cover, and in 1991 the situation was repeated with transgender model Tula Cossey. At the same time, Playboy expressed its support for Bretman Rock and added "If a gay man feels sexy in a bunny costume, an iconic symbol of sex appeal, why shouldn't he be able to wear it with pride?".

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