Published 2021-10-12
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Bretman Rock - The First Homosexual Man On The Cover Of Playboy!

Playboy - the men on the cover of the magazine

Men on the cover of Playboy did not surprise anyone when they appeared as companions and background for sexy ladies presented in the foreground. But when they started to be presented solo, it did not go unnoticed. In the history of Playboy, only three men have had the opportunity to do so. The first gentleman to appear on the magazine's centerfold was none other than founder Hugh Hefner. Then the honor went to a rapper named Bad Bunny, and in 2021 it was time for influencer Bretman Rock. Playboy just a few days ago decided to show what the cover of the magazine's latest October issue will look like, and he shared this information on his official account on Instagram.

Playboy - Bretman Rock on the cover

On the cover photo Bretman Rock is dressed in a skimpy outfit inspired by the cult Playboy bunny. He is wearing a corset that does not cover his naked torso, a bow tie around his neck, and, most importantly, the characteristic bunny ears that so far could only be seen on ladies featured in the magazine. The photo is kept in black and white and has a sensual tone. Playboy has also released other photos from the shoot, in which Rock poses in tights, tight leggings, or high-heeled shoes. All the photos were taken by a well-known photographer, Brian Ziff. And who exactly is the main character of the October issue of Playboy? Find out on the next page...

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