Published 2021-10-12
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Demi Lovato Educates People On How To Treat Extraterrestrials After Several UFO Encounters!

Contacts with extraterrestrials…

There have been many changes in Demi Lovato's life over the past few months. It has been a time of recognition, self-work, and self-reflection. In addition to announcing to the world that they feel neither female nor male, they have also stated that this journey will never end. As they confessed: "I may one day identify as transgender. I don't know what lies ahead for me. It is possible that there will come a time when I will begin to identify as a woman. At this point, I identify as a non-binary person." In addition, something else important happened! She experienced contact with a UFO! According to the singer, extraterrestrials are extremely peaceful and loving, and when they appear, you can absolutely feel it. Summarizing information from several interviews, Lovato argued that anyone could make contact so easily if they meditated, expanded their consciousness, and worked on enlightenment. They believe that is the fastest way to be able to see or meet something. And the actress succeeded! What did they reveal?

Report on the UFO meeting

As Lovato confessed during an interview with E-online: “We went out into the desert in Joshua Tree and I basically saw this blue orb that was about 50ft away, maybe less. It was kind of floating above the ground just like 10 or 15ft, and it was kind of keeping its distance from me. (...) It was a beautiful and amazing experience.” Interestingly, this encounter was not the first the singer had experienced...And the experience left Demi in very good mental shape. They experienced the warmth and love of extraterrestrials, describing the moment as "overwhelming joy."

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