Published 2021-10-13
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Tyga Turns Himself To The Police After Allegedly Beating An Ex. Has It Happened In The Past To Kylie Jenner's Ex?

Rapper Tyga has been all over social media and news sites as his ex-girlfriend had shared photos to her Instagram where she had clear bruises on her face and alleged that it was the artist that had beat her after she visited him in the middle of the night. And now it was revealed that the ‘Taste’ rapper was booked for felony domestic violence! In the past, he was linked to Kylie Jenner whom he dated when she was still underage and the two of them had an on and off-again relationship. What claims did Swanson make about the rapper and did Kylie ever say anything about her ex that could suggest he was prone to violence? Read on to find out more!

Camaryn Swanson - Who Is She?

Before we get into reporting on what had happened and the latest news, let’s find out a little bit more about who exactly is the ex-girlfriend of the 31-year-old rapper. Camaryn Swanson is a 22-year-old fashion designer and influencer. She is best known for her lifestyle and fashion company which she owns with her sister Elle, called Meaning of Mine. Their brand is most famous for selling swimwear and other activewear. It is unclear when the two had first started dating but both Camaryn and Tyga went Instagram official with their romance in February 2021. The influencer had made the news official as she shared a snap of the two of them together at Disneyland Resort in California. And back in June the two had the media talking about them once again when rumors started going around they were engaged after she had stepped out wearing a huge diamond ring on her left finger. But why didn’t their relationship last? Read on to find out.

Tyga - Altercation In The Middle Of The Night

However, it seems that if there was an engagement, it clearly is off the table now. As it was first reported by TMZ who broke the story, the pair got into a fight after she had allegedly shown up at his home screaming in the middle of the night. According to a source very close to the rapper, his ex had come to his house at 3 am after he reportedly told her not to and that when she did, she was at the front door shouting at the top of her lungs. As the publication reported, they were told that Tyga and other family members in his home felt Camaryn was under the influence but despite that, he had let her inside to talk and that the yelling continued.

Tyga - Camaryn Had Marks On Her?

According to TMZ’s law enforcement sources, Camaryn claimed that Tyga had put his hands on her during the argument and that after when her mother had come to pick her up, she had called the cops to report the alleged accident. The publication was told that responding officers had seen “visible marks” on her, and they took a report for felony domestic violence. At the time it was reported that the rapper was not arrested but that Police had gone to his home on Monday morning but he refused to speak with them, instead, saying that he will go to the station the following day to tell his side of the story. In the meantime, his ex had turned to her Instagram to post proof of her injuries. What else did she reveal? Read on to find out.

Camaryn Swanson - Who Is She?

Camaryn Swanson - She Had Been Abused?

Taking to her social media, Camaryn decided to share photos of the results of the alleged abuse. In one of her posts where her eye was swollen and bruised, she had said that she was embarrassed and ashamed that things had come to this but that she had to stand up for herself. In another story, showing off the bruises more clearly she had tagged TMZ and written that she had been emotionally, mentally, and physically abused and that she wasn’t hiding it anymore. Along with those photos Swanson had also shared a screenshot of text messages that were allegedly between her and Tyga which were to prove that it was the rapper who had sent a car to pick her up that night, which contradicted what the ‘Rack City’ rapper sources had said happened. Once again tagging TMZ, she had said that when she had tried to leave his house, he got physical with her and refused to let her leave for hours.

Tyga - Altercation In The Middle Of The Night

Tyga- Turns Himself In To LAPD

As the rapper said he would do, he did. On Tuesday, October 12th, he had turned himself in to the Los Angeles Police Department’s precinct in Hollywood, news that was confirmed to USA TODAY by public information officer Lizeth Lomeli. As it turns out the singer was arrested for felony domestic violence according to a statement from LAPD’s social media account. Tyga, whose net worth is estimated at around $5 million was released from jail after he posted a $50,000 bond, according to jail records obtained by the publication. People have reported that the rapper has a court date set for February 8th. Read on to find out if Tyga had similar issues with women in the past.

Tyga - Previous Problem With Women

When the news first broke, internet users had wanted to know whether this rapper had any previous issues with regards to women and assault. In the past, Tyga had issues with the law though, for the most part, it was with regards to financial issues and debts that he had never paid off. However, there was one issue that involved women which were with regards to his music video for the song “Make It Nasty” where two women had sued him in 2012 for $10 million each on the grounds that he had shown their nipples without their consent when originally they were assured that this would be edited out and that the unedited version would not be released, though he later proceeded to release the full unedited version. The following year, another woman who also starred in the video had sued him for the same reason but also claiming she was sexually assaulted by a man in a rabbit suit and that producers had given her alcohol even though she wasn't legal drinking age at the time.

Tyga - Past Relationships

When it comes to the women in his private life, the list of ladies that Tyga had dated is also quite extensive, though in some cases, the relationships were never confirmed. Two of his most famous relationships had involved Jordan Craig and Blac Chyna, with whom he has a son. One of the things that many had reported on with regards to the rapper was he liked to date girls much younger than himself, such as TikTok star Bella Poarch who was linked with, in the summer of 2020 when she was 19 and the Tyga was 30. Though neither had confirmed their relationship. However, the most famous of all his relationships, even those alleged, was one with Kylie Jenner. Following their on-again and the off-again relationship did Jenner ever say anything that could have suggested Tyga was abusive? Read on to find out.

Tyga - Dating Kylie Jenner

When the two had first started dating many people were very apprehensive of their relationship due to the age difference between them. The pair had first met in November 2011 at Kendall’s 16th birthday party, when Kylie was 14 and Tyga 21. Though it wasn’t until July 2014 that the rumors started when the rapper made his first appearance on the makeup mogul’s Instagram before celebrating her 17th birthday with her the following month. Many had alleged that it was October that same year when they posed in a couple of Halloween costumes. The two publically dated from then on but claimed that they were “just friends” up until Kylie’s 18th birthday. Their on-again and the off-again relationship continued until 2017 when they split for good.

Kylie Jenner - Did She Have Issues With The Rapper?

Given that Kylie was much younger than Tyga, did the two of them had any relationships problems? Well, nothing seems to suggest that. When the two had briefly split it didn’t seem like it was a one-sided thing as Jenner said that she wanted to see what it was like not being with the rapper and that they both realized it was something they didn’t want. When the two of them had actually split, she talked about it in an episode of E!’s Life of Kylie where she said there was nothing wrong with them and that they always had a bond. She added there were no crazy fights and that they decided to split up. Though earlier this year she went on to say that they are both OK but are no longer friends. So as it seems there had not been any major issues in their relationship.

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