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Famous Conjoined Twins Given 2 Years To Live! Now 31, Fighting For Their Paychecks!

If you enjoyed shows that the TLC network put out then you might remember Abigail Loraine and Brittany Lee Hensel. The two sisters who share the unique experience of being conjoined twins! Due to how rare the condition is, the two sisters have achieved a certain degree of fame. As we mentioned, they had their own series on TLC titled “Abby & Brittany” and they even made an appearance on the Oprah show! The show had delved into the lives of the sisters giving the audience an insight into their lives. And after the show ended, many viewers who had been fascinated by their story want to know what had happened to them. Did the twins get separated in the end and how exactly do their lives look like now? Read on to find out what the famous sisters have been up to!

Hensel Twins - The Early Years

Abby and Brittany Hensel were born on March 7th, 1990 in Carver County, Minnesota. Their mother Patty is a registered nurse while their father Mike is a carpenter and landscaper. The two sisters also have a younger brother and sister. As you know the girls are conjoined twins but to add to this they have a rare form of partial-twinning as they are highly symmetric for conjoined twins, as they have two heads, side by side, on a single torso. It was reported that when the girls were first born, their parents were surprised as they were only expecting one child. At first, like with some other cases of conjoined twins, it was assumed that they would only live two years but both Abby and Brittany proved everyone wrong! Why did they never get separated? Read on to find out.

Hensel Twins - Separation

In many cases where conjoined twins are born, the parents opt for the procedure so that the children can be separated. The doctors who delivered the Hensel twins had suggested to their parents that they make the same choice upon the girl’s birth. However, there would have been some risks involved, as there was a chance that one of the siblings might have died. Because of that, their parents had refused and so from an early age, the sisters had to learn how to coordinate with each other. But seeing just how well the girls managed to coordinate their movements and actions they have gotten used to being together and they do not wish to have been separated. They touched upon this in one of their many TV appearances when they said their reason for wanting to stay as conjoined twins was the fact that otherwise, they would not be able to do the things that they do now such as playing sports or swimming. Their mom Patty had revealed that they only wished to be separated once. It was when Brittany had pneumonia and Abby was the one put on antibiotics as she had stronger veins. The mom said that her hand was “burning” from them and at the time she mentioned that it would have been better to live separately. But since then neither of the girls has expressed such wishes again as far as it was reported.

Hensel Twins - Do They Share Organs?

One of the most asked questions when it comes to these sisters is how does their body function? Well as it turns out each sister has a separate heart, stomach, spine, pair of lungs, and spinal cord, and everything from the pelvic area down is shared, including reproductive organs. When Abby and Brittany were born, there used to be an arm between them but it was removed by doctors after they deemed that they could carry out the procedure safely. It was one of the many surgeries that they would have to endure throughout their lives. Another one, a more serious one this time, was when Abby’s spine needed operating on so that it would stop growing after Brittany’s had. Another thing that had been revealed about the sisters is that each twin can control her side of their shared body. But has their life stopped them from achieving something? Read on to find out.

Hensel Twins - Fame, Oprah Show, and TLC Series.

Over the years there has been much interest in the two sisters. It first started when the Minnesota natives had their appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996 when they were 6-years-old. During the same month as their appearance, they were even featured on the cover of Life under the caption “One Body, Two Souls”. Over the course of their life, they had made many appearances on shows and documentaries but it wasn’t until they got their own special “Joined For Life”, that people really fell in love with the charming twins. The success of the special had led to the sisters getting their own short series on TLC simply titled Abby & Brittany.

Hensel Twins - Nothing Stops Them

While Abby and Brittany might share one body they both are their own, individual person with their own set of likes, dislikes, hobbies, and tastes for different things. But there are things that the two of them enjoy doing and throughout their lives, they have learned to coordinate which helped them be able to enjoy their hobbies such as playing softball and swimming. The two sisters also nurture their love for playing piano, with Abby being in charge of the high notes and Brittany of the lower keys. While many have surely been left befuddled by how the twins coordinate, now they move seamlessly and have overcome more complex activities such as driving. But if you are interested in how the love life of the sisters works and if they are in a relationship, then be sure to read on to find out more!

Hensel Twins - The Driving Test

Undertaking and passing a driving test is not an easy feat for an able-bodied person. Yet this was something that the Hensel twins had dealt with and had come out successful. But it wasn’t an easy feat as it required a lot of coordination however it was a learning curve not just for the sisters but also for the driving instructor, as it was reported that understanding which eyes processed part of the road took adjusting. But there was a slight catch. Given that the sisters have their own legal documents, their own birth certificates, passports, it was the same case for the driver’s licenses...which meant that they had to do the exam twice. Once for Abby and once for Brittany. Though both sisters had passed with flying colors!

Hensel Twins Love Life - Are They Single Or Married?

Without a doubt, one of the frequent questions asked about the girls is whether they are in a relationship or how their dating life would look like. The sisters have expressed several times that they want to build separate love lives, enjoy different dates, get married, and maybe even have kids of their own. Though while they had shared their hopes for the future, what was actually going on in their personal lives was kept private. In 2012 a rumor had started circulating around that claimed Brittany was engaged. At the time, the sisters dismissed it and did not elaborate further. A while after that, they took part in an interview where they explained their dreams of romance on their own terms, not what rumors tried to dictate, while still staying vague about the more personal details. Each twin hopes to find “a prince charming” of her own. The closest to specific plans that the two have came from Abby who during the interview said: “Yeah, we are going to be mums one day, but we don’t want to talk about how it’s going to work yet.” While not planning their lives, what have the sisters been doing the past several years? You can find out on the next page!

Hensel Twins - Their Current Job

When it came to their education their personal differences also caused them a little bit of an issue. When the sisters got accepted into Bethel University they found out they had an issue. Abby was interested in maths and Brittany in English. However, one of the few personality overlaps they share is a passion for education. And so that is the degree choice they both went for and in 2012 they graduated with separate degrees and so they had started looking for jobs. As the most recent reports on the sisters suggest, they now work part-time as fifth-grade teachers in Minnesota. According to the Cinemaholic, they teach different areas as different teachers for different classes. The sisters knew that teaching children would mean they would be bombarded with questions by curious, young minds about their appearance. And so, according to Living 101, each first day of class includes an open discussion so that the students can ask any questions they may have and the twins can answer them.

Hensel Twins - Alleged Job Issues

Despite the fact they have their own teaching subjects and classes, the Cinemaholic has reported that the sisters receive one single shared paycheck. While the sum the sisters earn was not mentioned, it was revealed that years ago they had endured this choice quietly. But now with more work experience under their belt, the sisters had allegedly decided to push for separate salaries for their separate work. As per the publication, there had been no word yet on the school’s final decision, and in early February, the most recent update, it was not revealed if the school had reconsidered its decision on a shared paycheck. While back in 2012 the sisters had their own reality show it was with the intent to educate audiences. Though since then the sisters have slipped out of public life and are guarded about what goes on in their private lives.

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