Published 2021-10-15
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Famous Conjoined Twins Given 2 Years To Live! Now 31, Fighting For Their Paychecks!

Hensel Twins - Separation

In many cases where conjoined twins are born, the parents opt for the procedure so that the children can be separated. The doctors who delivered the Hensel twins had suggested to their parents that they make the same choice upon the girl’s birth. However, there would have been some risks involved, as there was a chance that one of the siblings might have died. Because of that, their parents had refused and so from an early age, the sisters had to learn how to coordinate with each other. But seeing just how well the girls managed to coordinate their movements and actions they have gotten used to being together and they do not wish to have been separated. They touched upon this in one of their many TV appearances when they said their reason for wanting to stay as conjoined twins was the fact that otherwise, they would not be able to do the things that they do now such as playing sports or swimming. Their mom Patty had revealed that they only wished to be separated once. It was when Brittany had pneumonia and Abby was the one put on antibiotics as she had stronger veins. The mom said that her hand was “burning” from them and at the time she mentioned that it would have been better to live separately. But since then neither of the girls has expressed such wishes again as far as it was reported.

Hensel Twins - Do They Share Organs?

One of the most asked questions when it comes to these sisters is how does their body function? Well as it turns out each sister has a separate heart, stomach, spine, pair of lungs, and spinal cord, and everything from the pelvic area down is shared, including reproductive organs. When Abby and Brittany were born, there used to be an arm between them but it was removed by doctors after they deemed that they could carry out the procedure safely. It was one of the many surgeries that they would have to endure throughout their lives. Another one, a more serious one this time, was when Abby’s spine needed operating on so that it would stop growing after Brittany’s had. Another thing that had been revealed about the sisters is that each twin can control her side of their shared body. But has their life stopped them from achieving something? Read on to find out.

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