Published 2021-10-18
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Woman Gives Birth 10 Days After She Died!

Shock For Funeral Directors

After her passing, the body of the 33-year-old was given to a firm of funeral directors ahead of her burial. When the day of the funeral came, which was 10 days after Nomveliso had died, the staff at the funeral directors got a huge shock! As they went to move the body from the mortuary tray to the coffin, they had noticed a baby between the legs of the lifeless body! The Boss of the company, Fundile Makalana spoke with the local press and said that unfortunately, the baby was dead but that they were all so shocked and frightened that they didn’t even have the time to look at the gender of the baby.

Shock For Funeral Directors

Is It Possible To Give Birth After Death?

The question that everybody had been asking after this case had gone viral, was whether it would be possible for someone who had died to give birth. Especially after so many days. What many call ‘coffin birth’ is medically known as post mortem fetal extrusion. It occurs during decomposition of the body when tissues become depleted of oxygen and gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane are released. As medical experts explained, at the same time organ tissues are weakened and the mix of the gasses and wakened tissues causes the torso and limbs to become bloated a few days after death. Gas in the abdomen may cause the uterus to prolapse and the fetus to be expelled from the body. However as experts have stressed, there have been no records of a baby surviving following a coffin birth. How did the girl’s family react to the news? Read on to find out.

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