Published 2021-10-18
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Woman Gives Birth 10 Days After She Died!

A Fresh Tragedy

While rare it does happen and staff workers at the funeral directors had noted that in their more than the 20-year experience they have never heard of a dead woman giving birth. The case baffled many who came across the story even the family of the 33-year-old woman. However, what might have shocked and stunned them at first, it had soon left the family of the woman even more grief-stricken. Especially her 76-year-old mother, Mandzala Mdoyi.

A Fresh Tragedy

Woman’s Mother Speaks Out

Having just gone through the stress of losing her daughter and unborn grandchild, the 76-year-old then had to learn that the baby was in fact in a way born, but of course, it was a stillborn birth. Speaking with the media she said that she wants educated people, ones who know better, to help cool down their emotions and explain to them how it was possible for a dead woman to give birth. She told them that she is now over 70 and has never heard of such a thing and asked why such a thing was happening to her child.

Woman’s Mother Speaks Out
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