Published 2021-10-21
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Woman Died After Childbirth. A Common Case But The Hospital Could Have Stopped It?

Maria & Samuel - The Happy News

One thing that Sam highlighted in his post several times was just how much Maria had cared about others...more than herself. And even in her obituary, her family wrote that she was always “a mother hen”. This is why as many had commented on the post, she would have made a wonderful mother. And that was about to come true when she told her partner that she was expecting. As Sam wrote the day that she had given him her positive pregnancy test he was so excited because this time he was ready for fatherhood because as said he had the perfect woman and was a better man.

Maria & Samuel - The Happy News

Maria & Samuel - The Big Day Finally Came

The two would finally get a chance to raise a child together, and their little one would be the first of three as they had plans to have more kids. Then the big day that all expecting parents eagerly awaited, came on September 1st, 2019. In the early hours of the morning, Maria’s waters broke and she was about to give birth to their daughter who the couple decided to name Alina Victoria Volrie. As he said the two of them rushed to the hospital where Maria would endure labor for “hours and hours”, however, as her partner said, she took it like a soldier. Though things were about to turn a little “sketchy” so check out the next page to find out what happened.

Maria & Samuel - The Big Day Finally Came
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