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She is 24 and has 22 Biological Children!

Until recently, 24-year-old Kristina had only one child, a few-year-old daughter. However, she always wanted to have a big family, so when she met her husband, who shared her dreams, they decided to try to have offspring together. In just a year, the young woman became a mother of 21 children! All the children are the biological children of Kristina and her millionaire husband. However, this is not the end, because the couple unanimously claims that their goal is to have 105 children! Where did their story begin and how is it possible that their family has grown at such an express pace? And how do they cope with raising such a bunch?

Until recently, her world was only her daughter

When Moscow-born Kristina Ozturk gave birth to her first child, she became a single mother shortly thereafter because she was unable to arrange her life with the girl's father. Her daughter Victoria was born when Kristina was 17 years old. However, teenage motherhood was not much of a problem for her, as she strongly developed maternal instincts that spoke through her. Looking at the photos she posted online a few years ago, it is easy to see that the little girl became the whole world to her. She always dreamed of having a big family and a house full of children. And although just a few years ago, from the perspective of a young mother raising a child alone, there was little to suggest that her dreams would come true so easily and quickly, luck smiled on her!

The same dreams and love for children

Her life completely changed when she went on a trip abroad.
On her way to Batumi, a city in southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coast, she met Galip Ozturk. The Turkish-born millionaire, who had been living in Georgia since 2018, despite a clear age difference, strongly charmed the young Russian woman. She also did not mind the fact that the man has huge baggage of experience behind him and that in his homeland he had problems with the law and was even sentenced to prison. The then 20-year-old Kristina fully trusted Galip, very much liked the ideals that the businessman professed. They had similar dreams, and above all the most important - they equally wanted a large family and a bunch of children.

Galip and children from a previous relationship

Their affection and common language were so strong that Kristina, after a few months of acquaintance, moved with her child to Georgia and shortly afterward married Galip. The millionaire, 33 years older than her, the owner of the Metro Group of Companies also quickly fell in love with a few-year-old Victoria. Galip Ozurk before expanding his family with his current wife, already had eight children and most of them are now grown up and independent. The youngest will be 12 years old this year, while the oldest is 35. The proud father revealed in an interview with Forbes magazine that he has nine children, but they all live and work in Turkey and help manage his companies.

Problems have come their way

Kristina and Galip, starting their life together, practically immediately made plans to expand their family. And they began to strive for a common offspring. Initially, the woman wanted to give birth to children year after year, but she realized that this plan may be difficult to achieve. There are also many indications that the now 24-year-old Kristina, although she gave birth to a daughter a few years ago, is currently having trouble getting pregnant naturally. About a year ago, she posted a photo from the hospital on her social media, writing that the IVF method is a huge strain on her body. She ended her long post with the words: "Thank you dear husband for protecting me from everything, taking care of me 24/7."

The longed-for family

The couple decided to realize their dream of having numerous offspring using help. Well, they wanted to have a large family, but I guess no one would have thought that in a dozen months or so in their house will appear more than 20 little ones! Until the beginning of last year, the Russian woman had only a few-year-old daughter. In March 2020, Kristina and her husband became parents of a boy, Mustafa. Their son was born by a surrogate hired by the millionaire. The first, but as it turned out very quickly, definitely not the last! The couple, delighted to have a baby boy, started to realize their plan of having a big family at a very fast, almost frantic pace. How is it possible? Well, using surrogate mothers in Georgia is legal and popular. Usually, people who decide to do so, wanted to become parents of one child at a particular time, or are happy when, for example, a twin pregnancy succeeds. However, the law does not prohibit hiring another surrogate once one has already been hired and is pregnant. Kristina and Galip took advantage of such an opportunity, and the millionaire spent a fortune so that their children could be born!

Costs don't matter to them

Studies and calculations by economists leave no illusions; a little person to reach adulthood, is also a really big expense! Of course, the amounts depending on the country and currency vary. According to analyses in our country, the upbringing of one child until the age of eighteen is around $233,610! For Galip and his wife, however, costs do not matter. The millionaire spent a fortune so that their coveted little ones could come into the world, and providing them with everything they need is not a problem. Kristina and Galip pay their surrogates $12,500 per pregnancy. Quickly counting, given the current number of little ones in their home, the cost of paying surrogate mothers alone has brought them to about $262,000 at this point! In turn, they spend between $5,000 and $7,000 per week on basic items for all the children. The toddlers use the largest 20 packs of diapers and about 50 packs of modified cartons! However, as Kristina confessed, the costs vary, sometimes less and sometimes more.

How do they cope with caring for such a bunch?

Of course, it would be physically impossible for two people to provide care for 21 children of infant age. Apart from Kristina, Galip, a few-year-old Victoria, and a bunch of toddlers, 16 nannies live in the luxury villa. The parents can count on their help 24 hours a day. The nannies have an entire wing of the Ozturk mansion at their disposal, where their bedrooms and a large kitchen are located. They earn about $600 a month.

She has help, however, she is a hands-on mom

A child brings with it a lot of joy and love, but also a lot of stress, worries, and sleepless nights. And such worries do not bypass Kristina. The 24-year-old is fully focused on motherhood. Although she brought her children into the world with the support of surrogates, she says that she is very involved in the issue of raising children. And despite the fact that in their care she is helped by several nannies, as a mom, she tries to devote as much time as possible to each of the kids. The woman does not hide that caring for such a number of children is extremely demanding and sleepy, especially when the little one is sick. Sometimes it is just baby rashes, but there were more serious problems. Since she and Galip have become parents to a sizeable brood, they have been through quite a few difficult moments when, at different intervals, several of their children had to be hospitalized. Kristina has spent long hours in the hospital room, but as she emphasizes, all the worries are worth it, the children give her a lot of happiness. As she concluded: "Some people say I'm living at a rich man's expense and playing house. This is not fun, but real life. I want the best for my children."

They're not going to stop!

While such a number of children may seem like something completely crazy, the couple does not intend to stop expanding their family at all. Although they're going to take a break now to let the kids who run around their house grow up. Kristina and Galip say their dream is to have over a hundred kids! They have set a goal of having exactly 105 children! They may be saying this in a somewhat joking tone, but looking at their desire and financial ability, it is certain that more little ones will come into their lives. Currently, Kristina has a total of 22 biological children! Galip, on the other hand, also taking into account children from a previous marriage, is already a dad of 29, and counting Kristina's daughter from a previous relationship, whom he loves as his own, the number is exactly 30 children!

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