Published 2021-10-21
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She is 24 and has 22 Biological Children!

The same dreams and love for children

Her life completely changed when she went on a trip abroad.
On her way to Batumi, a city in southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coast, she met Galip Ozturk. The Turkish-born millionaire, who had been living in Georgia since 2018, despite a clear age difference, strongly charmed the young Russian woman. She also did not mind the fact that the man has huge baggage of experience behind him and that in his homeland he had problems with the law and was even sentenced to prison. The then 20-year-old Kristina fully trusted Galip, very much liked the ideals that the businessman professed. They had similar dreams, and above all the most important - they equally wanted a large family and a bunch of children.

Galip and children from a previous relationship

Their affection and common language were so strong that Kristina, after a few months of acquaintance, moved with her child to Georgia and shortly afterward married Galip. The millionaire, 33 years older than her, the owner of the Metro Group of Companies also quickly fell in love with a few-year-old Victoria. Galip Ozurk before expanding his family with his current wife, already had eight children and most of them are now grown up and independent. The youngest will be 12 years old this year, while the oldest is 35. The proud father revealed in an interview with Forbes magazine that he has nine children, but they all live and work in Turkey and help manage his companies.

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