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Ashley Clark's life after 20 years of prostitution!

Prostitution is considered the oldest trade in the world, this trade is talked about from ancient literary expressions to cinematographic. Unquestionably this trade was put in the hands of men, who turned this trade to their service, that is why it was fueled by fantasies and unrealities of female sexuality and women. Today this profession is still especially carried out by women, who throughout history have been stigmatized and singled out for their small morals, the reality is that most of these women have had a difficult life, are heads of families, dress and feed their children, therefore they also pay taxes, however, they can not take advantage of the goods and services of the state. What is the reality in which sex workers find themself in today? Read on to find out what such one lady, with 20 years of experience, had to say.

Ashley Clark Social Media

With social media we have discovered many amazing personalities and stories and it was through the popular video-sharing app Tik-Tok that a former sex worker shared shocking details of her private life and stories from her career. She even talked about her traumatic childhood and how many men were her clients during her 20 years of work. We all know that social networks are a double-edged sword, and despite having many people who show their support there are many more people who say that how is it possible that her fiancé wants to marry her even knowing the brutal number of clients with whom she had relations, although there are many more who show their support.

Ashley Clark Huffman's story

Ashley Clark Huffman decided to be sincere about everything that she had gone through when she started telling her story. She talked about her painful childhood and that both of her parents had died when she was just a child and that her older brothers would sexually abuse her. In the end, she was put in the care of her grandfather and when she was only 14-years-old she had her start in the world of prostitution. After his death, she moved into her aunt’s house where she would once again suffer several sexual assaults. Even her first boyfriend had once assaulted her which resulted in a pregnancy, but Ashley didn’t even think about having an abortion and when the child was born she gave the baby up for adoption, thinking that it would be the best for him. However, she did not completely forget about his but unfortunately, he fell into a dark path in life and is currently in jail, accused of murder at the age of 20.

Family life

Though her son wouldn’t be the only child that Huffman would have. The woman had given birth to four more children, and her oldest daughter who is 15, in fact, lives with her currently. She also has three younger children but her ex has custody of them. Ashley had also revealed that during her youth, she was filled with self-hatred and that it was that feeling that made her want to fill her emotional emptiness with addiction.

What Her Sex Work Looked Like

When she was under the care of her aunt, she was able to carry out her work without any problems. Her aunt would drop her off at different movie theaters, plaza’s or shopping centers, and it was there that, as she said, she was itching to harass “old and disgusting men” many of whom would end up becoming her clients. She added that once she had finished working, her aunt would pick her up against and no one noticed what it was that she was doing.

Her Work Broke Marriages

In her 20 years that the woman was in the business, she had encountered many different scenarios. Now, naturally, if someone had found out their partners had been seeking the services of sex workers they wouldn’t be too happy and here Ashley had admitted that she had broken up “happy marriages” in the past and that she had manipulated her clients, stealing them away from their partners.

Dark Side Of The Job

Ashley didn’t hesitate to talk about the dark side that came with the job. In addition to having been arrested on several occasions for possession of illicit substances, she had also confessed to having stabbed another person with a knife in self-defense. As she said, it was a client who had taken drugs and began to go crazy and mistreated her by throwing her onto the bed, the woman did not hesitate to defend herself, after which she ran away. There were other problems that she also had to deal with such as having nowhere to live, her addiction, two circumstances that had left her in a vulnerable position and in total loneliness. Because of this, once again she was a victim of countless sexual assaults from which she contracted multiple STDs. On top of this, she revealed that she was also kidnapped and beaten.

Leaving The Prostitution World

It can be said that it was only fairly recently that she had made the decision to leave the world of prostitution. Posting on her social media she revealed that getting completely away from the trade was even more difficult than getting clean from drug addiction and so she decided to put an end to this toxic relationship she had with the trade that was doing her more harm than good. She had found love with a good woman and it was at that moment that she made the decision to live her life to the fullest.

Results Of 20 Years Of Prostitution

When you read about this brave woman who had decided to tell her story on social media, opening herself up to complete strangers, it would seem that making the decision to leave that toxic environment was, relatively easy. But the reality is that everything she had gone through in her life from a young age, giving up her first child for adoption thinking it was the best decision and seeing that it might not have been, not to mention the constant abuse that she was subjected to, and all that had triggered conditions with which she struggled every day of her life. Right now she is taking controlled medications to treat her opioid addiction, in addition to struggling with night terrors and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as a decreased sex drive and difficulty showing affection. All this, she has had to deal with for years.

Spreading Awareness

Thanks to social media Ashley Clark has become known and made her painful story public. Her content is far from being a parody account or entertainment and it demonstrates the social problem and the public health problem that exists in the world, ranging from child abandonment, teenage pregnancy, an adoption that is not always absolutely evaluated, addictions, and sexual abuse. The woman, who is believed to be from the United States, has been lucky and has left the addictions and the trade behind her, but there is no doubt that there are many more who cannot even leave the trade, or ones who die due to an STD that they were being exposed to on a regular basis. Through her online presence, the woman tries to emphasize to not fall into the world of prostitution and addictions and that they are not as glamorous as some films or TV shows might portray them.

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