Published 2021-10-25
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Mother and daughter charged with murder of patient. They performed illegal plastic surgery.

Body changes at any cost?

The patient apparently did not realize that she had put her body in the hands of a duo of fake aesthetic medicine specialists who did not have the proper knowledge. However, considering the home-like conditions in which the treatments took place and their temptingly low price, they should immediately give food for thought. It can also be assumed that 26-year-old, regardless of the puzzling circumstances, wanted to get what she wanted and be the owner of larger, rounder buttocks. The advertisements of the treatments performed by the ladies looked invitingly good and perhaps that is why she decided to trust the duo. Many people like Rajpaul must have wondered 'what could go wrong'? Well, everything. And the price was too high, the girl paid with her life…

Body changes at any cost?

She showed the procedure online, which became evidence of a crime

While undergoing the procedure, Karissa filmed part of the procedure with her phone, which took place in an ordinary home in California. She also took multiple photos of herself documenting the buttock augmentation process. As revealed, this was the third procedure that the fake doctor duo performed on her body. And it was to be the last. The young woman did not film anything more. She died a short time later. In a video released by the girl, she could be seen lying on a table while Libby Adame and her daughter Alicia Galaz, who were taking care of her, did not follow any procedures. The NBC news channel called the footage of the procedure "chilling." After Karissa Rajpaul's death, the video she recorded became evidence in the murder investigation.

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