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40-Year-Old Woman In A Nine Month Old Child's Body! Her Tragedy Could Have Been Avoided?

Maria Audete - Problems She Faces

Maria had spent the entirety of her life living like a baby, unable to tend to her own needs, and unable to even speak. Even though she is 40, Audete still needs to eat like a baby, otherwise, she could end up dying. It’s all because her body is not designed to digest hard-to-digest foods and in addition to all this, her tiny heart, which is as developed as that of any other 9-month-old baby, maybe not be able to handle the increase in cholesterol.

Maria Audete - Problems She Faces

Maria Audete - Still Ages

When it comes to doing other things such as talking and communicating, that too has stopped the development of an infant. Maria is able to communicate with her loved ones by making simple sounds. Though while it might not look like it at first glance, the woman has begun to age. As it was reported by local media, she suffers from chronic fatigue and her hair has begun falling out. However, those who don’t know her, still treat her like a child. They give her candies, carry her in their arms and entertain her, and apparently, the 40-year-old woman enjoys it very much. Though what has caused this woman to be like this? You will find out on the next page

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