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40-Year-Old Woman In A Nine Month Old Child's Body! Her Tragedy Could Have Been Avoided?

Maria Audete - The Diagnosis

And unlike with Benjamin Button, there was no turning back of a clock but a rather logical explanation for why this 40-year-old has been stuck as a nine-month-old infant all her life. As it turns out, the woman was born with hypothyroidism and in her case, it was all caused by a deficiency of T3 and T4 hormones during the fetal period. And because of this, the autoimmune disease led to neurological and developmental complications which had stopped Maria from developing physically, mentally, and cognitively at the age of nine months old.

Maria Audete - The Diagnosis

Maria Audete - This Could Have Been Avoided?

Though as experts have revealed, Maria’s life could have been very different from what it is today had she been diagnosed on time. Had she been given the right medication at birth, the physical changes to her body could have been reversed and she would have lived out her life like any other person her age. Though unfortunately, the girl was not diagnosed until she was eight years old which meant it was too late for hormone therapy and so she will continue to live out the rest of her life the way she is now. But could anything change? Read on to find out!

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